Monday, November 30, 2009

The Demjanjuk trial has started (updated)

It certainly promises to be an interesting experience. Both Blatt and Schelvis will testify.

The good place to get info on this is Cleveland Plain Dealer also seems to be a good source.

Here's a decent recap of Demjanjuk's history before this trial from them (although it gets numerous historical details incorrect, like saying that 1.5 million people were killed in Majdanek instead of about 80,000):

Update 1: and so it begins. D's lawyer accuses the judges and prosecutors of arbitrariness - so many perpetrators were acquitted, and yet the man who just followed orders now must pay?

This argument is quite weak, though. If we go to JuNSV site and click on Tatort Sobibor, we will see these data:

Bauer, Erich Hermann Death sentence
LG Berlin 500508
KG 501111

G., Hubert life sentence
K., Johann Acquittal
LG Frankfurt/M. 500825

Fuc., Erich Fritz 4 Years
LG Hagen 661220

Dub., Karl Werner 3 Years
Frenzel, Karl August Wilhelm Life sentence
Itt., Alfred 4 Years
Jüh., Robert Emil Franz Xaver Acquittal
Lac., Erich Gustav Willi Acquittal
Lambert, Erwin Hermann 3 Years
Sch., Hans-Heinz Friedrich Karl Acquittal
Unv., Heinrich Acquittal
Wol., Franz 8 Years
Zie., Ernst Acquittal
LG Hagen 661220
BGH 710325

Stangl, Franz Died before sentence became final
LG Düsseldorf 701222

Gom., Hubert Urteil vom BGH aufgehoben, dann verhandlungsunfähig [eventually found unfit to stand trial]
LG Frankfurt/M. 831010
LG Frankfurt/M. 770708
BGH 800118
OLG Frankfurt/M. 840509

Frenzel, Karl August Wilhelm lebenslänglich [life sentence]
LG Hagen 851004

So quite a lot of the perpetrators went unpunished, but many were sentenced, even harshly. But some of these sentences are indeed obscenely lenient. It is my subjective opinion that if D. is sentenced to more than 1-2 years in prison, it will be a show of hypocrisy on the part of the German legal system which let so many German perpetrators go virtually unpunished.

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  1. I notice that the stupid lemming known as "Drew J" cannot read:

    "Roberto Muehlenkamp has a somewhat recent update on the case. Interesting how he admits that millions weren't killed at Majdanek.
    http://holocaustcontroversies.blogspot. ... .html#more

    When Demjanjuk came back in the news again once it was revealed he would be taken to Germany (he's already there now of course), Muehlenkamp was desperately trying to claim there were authentic ID cards of Demjanjuk. He also made passing mention of nine other documents proving supposedly how Demjanjuk was Ivan the Terrible. Of course he never furnished any of them.
    http://holocaustcontroversies.blogspot. ... art-i.html"

    Of course, Roberto had nothing to do with these articles. And the documents were furnished - I linked to Judge Matia's Finding of Fact. That's sufficient.

    These are deniers for you, folks!


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