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Gerdes lied through his teeth again …

Author: Roberto Muehlenkamp
... this time on the CODOH thread 192,000,000 teeth.

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In his post Sep 06, 2008 5:48 pm on the mentioned thread, Gerdes posted a lengthy quote from "Revisionist" scripture, about the corpse incineration procedure at Treblinka as described in selectively quoted snippets from eyewitness testimonies, and mouthed off about someone who seems to figure prominently in his nightmares, as follows:

Oh, you're not going to believe this - classic Muehlenkamp. I posted the following on VNN about the insane cremation claims at the alleged "pure extermination centers:"

[quote from scripture]

And this is what the dull one had to say about the above:

"Nothing implausible about that... Eyewitness descriptions of the process are essentially correct."

Pure, unadulterated insanity.

As my mendacious friend well knows, my comments about the quoted excerpt from an unidentified "Revisionist" work of art were somewhat more elaborate. See my VNN posts numbers 1113, 1213, 1226 and 1241, the last of which contains the most detailed deconstruction of the unidentified "Revisionist" guru's wisdom and especially addresses the fellow’s "logistical" arguments.

Gerdes’ next lie can be found in his post Mon Sep 15, 2008 11:05 pm on the aforementioned CODOH thread. There he shows Buchenwald photos obviously taken from my RODOH thread Mass Graves and Dead Bodies (the captions, as Gerdes well knows, are not mine but from the source featuring these photos, the Archives of the Ghetto Fighters’ House) and muses how "6.351 million pounds" of cremation remains are supposed to have "magically disappeared after being covered over with a layer of soil" at Treblinka.

After our long discussions about human remains at Treblinka and the documentation of huge amounts of such remains found by investigators that he has been shown, especially the excerpts from Polish crime site investigation reports quoted in my VNN post # 172 (exhibit A.3.1.4), even an inveterate liar like Gerdes should know better than to peddle the beaten straw-man that human remains are claimed to have disappeared without a trace.

But then, CODOH is a forum for uncritical "Revisionist" minds kept by censorship from looking through the telescope, and Gerdes is also not the brightest of liars.

The rhetorical mantra of "so-and-so-many-million-pounds of cremation remains" or "so-and-so-many million-teeth" has been dealt with, by the way, in my VNN post # 1242, from which the following quotes are taken.

Originally Posted by Gerdes
And let's not forget the alleged 8.25 million pounds of crushed bone.

Assuming that the about 1,330,000 victims of the AR camps (430,000 at Belzec, 150,000 at Sobibor, 750,000 at Treblinka) weighed 35 kg on average (a reasonable assumption considering the large proportion of women and children, and also the fact that most of these people came from miserable Polish ghettos and therefore were not exactly well-fed), the life weight was 46,550,000 kg. Cremation leftovers, according to Mattogno’s experimental data, would amount to 5 % of that, i.e. 2,327,500 kg or 5,131,259 pounds. And what matters when it comes to finding and identifying these cremation remains is not their weight, but their volume in relation to the volume of soil they were buried with. The volume of 2,327.5 tons of human cremation remains, also according to Mattogno, would be 4,655 cubic meters. Assuming 8 bodies per cubic meter in a mass grave, which even Mattogno considers plausible (actually the concentration may well have been higher considering a number of factors, see e.g. my article under ), and that all bodies were buried before being burned (actually about 70,000 out of the 150,000 killed at Sobibor and about 40,000 of the 750,000 killed at Treblinka were burned immediately after being killed), the mass grave volume required to bury 1,330,000 bodies would be 166,250 cubic meters. So when the cremation remains were returned to the mass graves, they occupied a mere 4,655 ÷ 166,250 = 2.80 % of the volume of the mass graves to which they were returned, the remaining 97.20 % being wood ash of soil. If we instead assume that they managed to bury 15 bodies in one mass grave before exhuming the mass graves and burning the bodies, the volume required would be ca. 88,700 cubic meters. In that case the cremation remains returned to the mass grave would make out 4,655 ÷ 88,700 = 5.25 %, the remaining 94.75 % being wood ash or soil. A ratio of 18:1

So the idea that Gerdes is trying to force-feed the suckers he expects his readers to be is that it would be a piece of cake to find one pound of human cremation remains among an amount of soil and wood ash 18 times higher, and to separate the human cremation remains from much higher amounts of soil and wood ash and to accurately quantify the human cremation remains.

This, of course, is bullshit of such magnitude that it takes a "Revisionist" true believer to swallow it. But then, "Revisionist" true believers are the audience that Gerdes is playing to here.

Originally Posted by Gerdes
Now show us where the other 3,999,999 teeth are that are mixed with the 8.25 million pounds of crushed bone.

Your calculations are wrong, my dear Gerdes. And while I can show you any amount of human remains that logically follows from the documentary, eyewitness and physical evidence by simply referring to that evidence, I’d say that before I have to show anything bigmouth Gerdes should substantiate his assumptions, i.e.

1. Demonstrate that, despite the fragility resulting from cremation at high temperatures, most of the victims’ teeth must still be lying intact in the soil of Belzec, Sobibor or Treblinka;

2. Provide a calculation as to what volume the number of teeth he can demonstrate to have probably survived must occupy inside the mass graves of Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka.

3. Demonstrate that it should be easy to find teeth when excavating the mass graves of Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka. That might well the hardest part of Gerdes’ exercise. Let’s say a tooth has a volume of 1 cubic centimeter or 0.000001 cubic meters. Even the 36 million teeth that Gerdes babbles about would then have a total volume of, go figure, just 36 cubic meters. Given a minimum mass grave volume of 88,700 cubic meters, see above, even 36 million teeth would occupy just 0.04 % of volume of the mass graves, the rest being other human remains (about 5.21 % of the total volume) and wood ash and soil (about 94.75 % of the volume).

This means that every surviving tooth inside the mass graves of Belzec, Sobibor or Treblinka would be surrounded by:

a) a volume 128 times higher of other human remains, and
b) a volume 2,335 times higher of wood ash and soil, and
c) a volume 2,463 times higher of matter other than tooth.

Still trying to tell us that it would be easy to find teeth inside the mass graves, Mr. Gerdes?

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