Wednesday, January 10, 2007

McNally 0 for 2: Swing and a Miss!

Author: Andrew E. Mathis
I took Patrick McNally to school a few months when he fancied himself Martin Luther and authored his idiotic 95 Theses on the Holocaust.

Now he's back with a shorter but equally stupid edition, which I found posted to Jonnie Hargis's Fuehrerbunker yesterday. Here's my updated shredding.

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>During World War II, 55 million people died, or were killed, or murdered. Among the 55 million, there were some Jews who died, were killed, or murdered, but nobody knows how many Jews died, were killed, or murdered.

Sure, we do. We know that, at the very least 4.2 million (Gerald Reitlinger's lowest estimate from his 1955 work The Final Solution) and, at the high end, slightly over 6 million (Wolfang Benz) were deliberately murdered during World War II.

>However, the quasi-official Zionist-Semitist definition of the Holocaust states that Germans murdered 6,000,000 defenseless Jews.

I am neither a Zionist nor a "Semitist" (whatever the hell is), but I believe that around 6 million Jews were murdered.

>This Holocaust story is world history`s most serious accusation of murder.

It is not an accusation of murder; it is an accusation of genocide. Murder is the taking of the life of a single human being. This is why if a person murders two people, s/he is charged with two counts of murder. Timothy McVeigh was charged with 168 counts of murder.

>Such a serious accusation requires serious proof and evidence, but the Zionist-Semitist holocaust accusers and promoters have not given any hard forensic evidence about two important issues in this murder case.

That's a lie, and you know it.

>1. What was the murder weapon?

There were several: Gas chambers, rifles, general privation, starvation, putting people unjustly into places where they then caught fatal diseases, etc. By the way, if you doubt this last point, then consider whether you would be charged with murder if a person you kidnapped died while they were in your custody because of the conditions that you kept them in.

>2. Where are the bodies or remains of the 6 million victims?

Many, many were cremated, but if you want to fly to Belarus, Ukraine, or Lithuania, you can see mass graves all over the countryside.

>The conclusion of my research and the assumption of this paper is that the Zionist-Semitist story can no longer be seen as an honest mistake but must be attacked and ridiculed as an irresponsibly vicious blood libel.

Against whom is this libel being leveled?

>The Iranian holocaust cartoon contest was an important beginning in ridiculing this major hoax of the Twentieth Century.

It was important to people that equate criticizing a prophet to making fun of genocide. Those people are, in my opinion, sick in the head.

>In my judgment, nothing more needs to be analyzed or researched concerning the holocaust. Everything anyone needs to know is available in the essays of Professor Robert Faurisson and the 21 volumes published by the currently imprisoned Germar Rudolf which can be purchased through the Internet.

That's quite a way to prevent "both sides" of the issue, Prof. McNally. I wonder whether you've ever read any of the refutations of these works, not to mention standard works on the Holocaust, such as those by Reitlinger, Hilberg, van Pelt, Dwork, and others.

>An important point about the Zionist-Semitist Holocaust story is that it looks very complicated but is in fact very simple. The Zionist-Semitist hoax is like the Enron embezzlement scheme: very complicated, convoluted, and contorted in the details but very straightforward in the overall scam, scheme, and shell game.

I'm sure you've made things quite simple for your readers -- they need it that way.

>One of the first serious attempts to do an on-site investigation of the much touted holocaust murder weapon was the report of Fred Leuchter who went to Auschwitz to investigate the supposed homicidal gas chambers He concluded that there were no gas chambers that could have murdered Jews. One would have expected Jews to be very happy to learn that there were no 8M, 6M, 4M, or even 1M [the current figure posted at Auschwitz] Jews gassed there. But quite the contrary! Zionists and Semitists destroyed Leuchter`s career and life because of his report.

Leuchter destroyed his own career by agreeing to being an expert witness for a neo-Nazi who was standing trial. There is no debating the fact that Ernst Zundel is a National Socialist because he has frequently stated such.

>Germar Rudolf also went to Auschwitz and confirmed Leuchter`s findings. Semitist Jews in Germany paid Rudolf back by having him expelled from his PhD program in chemistry, criminally prosecuted for thought crimes, and eventually had him deported back from the USA and imprisoned in Germany.

Rudolf's (and Leuchter's) findings have been refuted scientifically by Dr. Richard Green, who has a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Stanford University and who has conducted postdoctoral research on cyanide.

By the way, can you demonstrate that it was "Jews" or "Semitists" that put Rudolf in jail?

>Robert Faurisson was almost beaten to death twice by cowardly Jewish thugs.

The beating of Faurisson was a terrible thing carried out by vigilantes. But it's notable that he's the only one to have been treated that way.

>Wolfgang Froelich, Fredrich Toben, George Thiel, and several others here in Teheran have also been prosecuted, persecuted, and imprisoned.

Toben was imprisoned because he went to a place where what he was doing and saying was against the law. He has never been imprisoned in Australia, his country of residence. I don't agree with the laws under which Froelich and Thiel were prosecuted. Many, many people that believe in the normative history of the Holocaust oppose such laws.

>Why do Zionist and Semitist Jews not welcome scientific investigations, forensic research, or even simple academic conferences about their Holocaust story?

I don't know about Zionists or "Semitists," but I can tell you that there are probably a couple dozen academic conferences on the Holocaust yearly in the U.S. alone.

>It seems that they have something to hide and something to fear from independent on-site forensic investigations and even any discussions they do not control.

I hear about this "independent" investigations often, but no one is ever able to tell me who these "independent" people would be. Can Dr. McNally?

>That is why they have criminalized any independent and critical discussion about the holocaust and have prevented any further on-site research.

This is just plain not true. What has been criminalized (wrongly) is denial of the Holocaust, and on-site research is allowed depending on the site in question.

>However, the Zionists and Semitists contradict themselves in their actions and criticisms of scientists and technicians like Germar Rudolf, Fred Leuchter, and Wolfgang Frohlich. It is certainly acceptable for the Zionist and Semitist Holocaust promoters to criticize the research methods, procedures, and findings of revisionists but these revisionists should then be permitted to repeat their research in order to improve their reports. But instead the Zionist and Semitist holocaustomaniacs refuse, go berserk, and imply, "All holocaust forensic research and critical comments are anti-Jewish hate speech."

Who has ever actually said such a stupid thing? Please quote someone.

>I wish to submit the following theses about the Holocaust story. These theses are based almost entirely on the writings of Robert Faurisson, Arthur Butz, and Germar Rudolf, all of whom are in no way responsible for my use of their valuable contributions to the unending fight for human freedom against racist and pseudo-religious bigotry, ignorance, and greed.

Wait a minute... Is this the same stuff I refuted a few months ago?

>Some Basic Theses on the Zionist-Semitist Holocaust Story and Its Evil Consequences!

>1. There is no forensic evidence whatsoever for the official Zionist-Semitist holocaust fable.

Patently false. The bottom line is that there is no forensic evidence that people like Prof. McNally will accept, but there are plenty of documents, eyewitnesses (perpetrators, bystanders, and survivors alike), and scientific studies (and, yes, the first two are forensic evidence -- all "forensic" means is that which goes toward proving a case in court)

>2. There logically cannot be any eyewitnesses for the holocaust. There can be eyewitnesses for the atomic bombing of Hiroshima because the bombing took place in one specific location and only took a few minutes. The so-called holocaust took place over several years and in many different locations, so that no one single person could have possibly eyewitnessed it.

Well, that's both begging the question, as well as a reductio ad absurdum. Of course no single person witnessed every event. Is there anyone who witnessed every battle of World War II? And, by extension, if there is not, did the war not happen?

>3. All so-called holocaust evidence is merely hearsay and unsubstantiated claims. Such flimsy stories are not enough to convict anyone of a parking violation in an unprejudiced court.

Eyewitnesses do not produce hearsay. Sixty-nine SS witnesses testified to the presence of gas chambers at Birkenau over the last sixty years. You can't make a blanket accusation of hearsay against them all.

>4. The holocaust affirmers and promoters jump from refuted accusations to new accusations awaiting refutation.

Can you offer even a single example?

>5. The holocaust is world history`s most serious accusation of murder.

See above.

>6. The Auschwitz Labor Camp had more amenities than the USA WW2 camps for Japanese Americans.

If you mean for the SS, then you are correctg.

>7. Elite Semitist Jews declared war on Germany in March, 1933. Therefore, Germany had good reason to regard Jewry as an alien and hostile minority. However, Germany waited eight years or so before starting to physically remove Jews to the East. On the contrary, the USA immediately segregated Japanese Americans into camps when war broke out between the Japanese and Americans.

Did the Jews of Germany declare war against the Nazis in 1933? No, they didn't. Some Zionist and other Jewish organizations did it on behalf of the Jews of Germany, and many German Jews advised against it. So did the Zionist community in Palestine at that time.

>8. Crematoria [gas ovens] are never used anywhere to kill people. They are used to burn the bodies of people who are already dead. There is nothing ominous about crematoria and there are many of them in Japanese cities today.

There is something ominous about 52 crematory muffles with a possible "processing" output that could murder the whole Auschwitz complex in six weeks, wouldn't you say?

>9. Auschwitz and all labor camps had insecticidal gas chambers.

Yes, they did.

>10. Insecticidal gas chambers saved Jewish lives.

As a side-effect, at best. They chambers were there to prevent the SS from getting sick.

>11. There were no homicidal gas chambers anywhere in German occupied territory. There are single-person homicidal gas chambers in some American prisons and the size and structure of these one-person chambers indicate the utter impossibility of homicidal gas chambers for dozens of people.

Charles Provan, himself a former "revisionist," disproved this idea, and it has since been disproved conclusively.

>12. Faurisson`s Challenge ["Show me or draw me a homicidal gas chamber!"] must be met.

Why? Does he make the laws?

>13. During WW2 there was a war going on. During wars people die and get killed.

You're a genius.

>14. If Hiroshima deaths were not murders, neither were Auschwitz deaths.

That's a non sequitur with no relation to the current issue (the Holocaust).

>15. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were real holocausts [killing by burning].

Sure they were. So what?

>16. The only real holocaust in Europe was against Germans in their firebombed cities.

That depends on your narrow definition of "holocaust."

>17. The worst war criminals [1941-1945] were the American Air Force fire bombing squadrons.

You don't know who bombed Dresden and most of the German cities, do you?

>18. There is better and more proof for the Trojan War than for the holocaust.

There is no proof of the Trojan War other than the Iliad, and there is even less evidence that a city named Troy or Ilium ever existed.

>19. Belief in the holocaust is epistemologically similar to belief in witches.

No, because witches don't exist. Hey, if you can beg the question, then why can't I?

>20. Belief in the holocaust is morally much worse than belief in witches.

Perhaps this is your estimation of what is evil or not evil. I'm not sure this is a statement of irrefutable truth.

>21. G. Rudolf`s Lectures on the Holocaust is the indispensable vademecum for students of the holocaust.

It is a pack of lies.

>22. The constant changes in the holocaust fable are due to revisionist pressure and not to any Zionist or Semitist honesty. Jews have abandoned the malicious "soap made from Jewish fat" and "lampshades from Jewish skin" blood libels. The whole holocaust story is exactly like the vicious soap and lampshades lies.

Please present a single example where the "story has changed" because of "revisionist" pressure.

>23. Only Zionist and Semitist obstinacy, greed, and mendacity maintain the Holocaust Lie.

What of non-Zionist, non-"Semitist" (whatever the hell that is) people like myself, who similarly make no money off of the Holocaust.

>24. The Auschwitz Labor Camp was much safer than the German cities being bombed.

If you were German, sure it was. If you were Jewish, it was not. Even the "official death toll" at Auschwitz according to the ICRC is higher than the number of bodies recovered after the bombing of Dresden.

>25. Giving false testimony must be a criminal and tort offense. ["Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor!"] The Modern European Enlightenment doctrine of free speech does not permit filthy unfounded blood libels.

An offense cannot be a tort and a criminal offense simultaneously. It is either one or the other. Furthermore, the Ninth Commandment only applies when one is under oath.

Furthermore, if you are going to put limits on free speech on this "blood libel," then how can you protest when people are imprisoned for denying the Holocaust? Aren't you contradicting yourself?

>26. The holocaust story is the Achilles heel of Jewish Power over Gentiles. If the Auschwitz Lie collapses, the holocaust collapses. If the hoaxoco$t collapses, Jewish Power collapses.

You have not shown a causal relationship, and, as such, your argument hear is worthless.

>27. Nazis wanted to deport Jews to somewhere. Zionists wanted Jews to be deported to somewhere. Nazis and Zionists cooperated to save Jews by getting them out of the war zone in Europe.

This is true to a very limited extent. The Ha'avara operated under this principle, but the "Blood for Trucks" deal that Adolf Eichmann attempted to broker fell apart.

>28. Russia and Western Europe have different railroad width gauges. Several camps were located at the railroad width gauge difference line. They were all transit camps and not death camps.

The problem with this argument is that by 1942, much of the rail gauging had been converted -- in fact, about 41,000 km of rail.

>29. Most Jewish deaths in the labor camps were the result of logistic problems caused by American bombings which destroyed the transportation networks. It was mainly for this reason that the Germans could not ship the lifesaving Zyklon B gas to the camps. Zyklon B saved Jewish lives by killing the lice that spread the typhus, the main killer in the camps and trenches of both World War I and II.

See above. If the Jews had never been in the camps, they wouldn't have died.

>30. If it is morally acceptable for Jews to deport Palestinians from their homeland, it was morally acceptable for Germans to deport Jews from a country not their homeland. This is called Torah tit-for-tat.

No, it's called tat-for-tit, because you have the order of events ass-backwards.

Jews were deported between 1938 and 1944. Palestinians were deported in 1948 and 1949.

Neither situation is morally acceptable.

>31. Both the Nuremberg Show Trials and Stalin`s Show Trials used lots of torture to get confessions.

Please name one provable example.

>32. The Nuremberg Show Trials were far worse than Stalin`s Show Trials because a whole people was condemned in perpetuity at Nuremberg. The false confessions that were tortured out of Germans were then foisted onto post-war Germany as part of its basic legal system, i.e. obvious lies were legislated into "obvious facts" which nobody can doubt or even question during a holocaust trial in a Germany, French, Czech, Dutch, Belgian, Italian, or Austrian court.

You're begging the question again w/r/t this "torture" issue. But the German people as a whole were not held responsible at Nuremberg. I don't recall 80 million defendants. I recall far fewer.

>33. An international and independent court must study the forensic aspects of the holocaust accusations of murder to acquit Gentiles [not just Germans] of the unfounded charge of first degree murder..

See above on the charge of "murder."

>34. Elite Jews claimed a 6,000,000 person holocaust during World War I. If you do not believe in the WWI hoaxocough, then why do you believe in the WWII hoaxoco$t? The evidence is basically the same.

Actually, no such thing was claimed. After World War I, an ad was run by a relief organization that claimed that six million Jews living in Eastern Europe were at risk of death thanks to the privations of the previous war, the Russian Civil War, and Spanish Flu.

>35. Finkelstein`s witty and informative The Holocaust Industry does not even touch on the holocaust as such but only on abuses of the official Zionist Semitist fable. However, the entire Holocaust blood libel itself is the worst possible abuse.

There is no point above as far as I can see.

>36. Elite Jews lie and then get angry when people do not believe their lies. The absolutely biggest Jewish lie is the holocaust. The holocaust fable is nothing but Jewish hate speech.

Why do you feel compelled to tack "Jewish" onto your nouns above?

>37. Jewish anti-Gentile lies are a clever defense tactic. Gentiles get so overwhelmed by Jewish lies that they do not see that Elite Jews are committing the very crimes they accuse Gentiles of. For example, Amnesty International [AI], the largely Jewish supposedly human rights organization, would not support David Irving when Semitist Jews in Austria had him arrested for holocaust denial. AI said that Irving was engaging in hate speech. On the contrary! Irving simple wanted to discuss Jewish hate speech. But in the world of zio-semitistic twistspeak, the only hate speech recognized is the refusal to accept Jewish hate speech.

Perhaps you can explain, then, why AI routinely reports on poor human rights conditions in the State of Israel.

>38. "Gentiles will stop telling truths about Jews when Jews stop telling lies about Gentiles." [Quote from a not to be identified German freedom fighter]

Without an attribution, the quote is worthless. You could have made it up yourself.

>39. Germans must institute a class action lawsuit against the holocaust jet-set plutocrats. The once proud German people have become enslaved by the Auschwitz Lie.

And what would they sue for, assuming that the majority of German people would want to press such a case (and the majority would not).

>40. Holocaust promoters and profiteers should be imprisoned. There are at least two reasons to incarcerate professional holocaustomaniacs: 1. they are guilty of criminal libel and embezzlement, 2. they would thereby be pressured to release all those that they have imprisoned.

See above: You are only willing to criminalize speech that you disagree with. You are a hypocrite.

>41. World Jewry has to pay back all money extorted via the Auschwitz Lie.

We'll get to that after the "trial" you mention is convened, OK?

>42. All UN member states should institute an anti-Holocaust loyalty oath for their citizens. No holocaust promoter can be trusted. As a minimum, the Annual United Nations Holocaust Day on January 27 must be immediately dropped.

Now loyalty oaths as well. You have no conception of freedom of conscience, do you?

>43. The Holocaust industry causes infinitely more harm than the tobacco industry. Public health warnings should be put on anything published by holocaust industrialists.

Tobacco kills a half million people in the U.S. alone. How many people are killed yearly by the "Holocaust story"?

>44. The Holocaust is elite Jewry`s cash cow, golden calf, and prize alibi for any and all of its crimes.

And you would know this how?

>45. The holocaust fable has replaced Christ`s Crucifixion and the birth of Israel has replaced Christ`s Resurrection as the basic religious beliefs in Euro-America. Holocaustianity has replaced Christianity and this new Church of the Holocaust has an Inquisition to enforce belief in its dogmas.

I take it you are Christian. That's nice. I like most Christians. I don't like you.

If you're wondering why I didn't respond to the previous post, it's because there is nothing to respond to.

>46. Israel can continue to exist but within the 1948 UN mandated borders.

The U.N. didn't mandate borders in 1948; they did so in 1947 -- borders that the Zionist movement accepted and the Arab League rejected. Israel's borders recognized by the U.N. are the 1949 cease-fire lines, now replaced partially with permanent borders with Jordan and Egypt.

>47. There cannot be any "one state solution" forcing Palestinians to live with racist Jews.

So you would confine the Palestinians to the West Bank and Gaza?

>48. The apart-hate Jew State [Judenstaat] must get rid of its worse than Nazi race laws and join the world community as a normal state in which citizenship is not acquired solely on the basis of a putative "sacred semen" [or biblical "holy seed"].

How about Pakistan? How about Japan? How about Germany, for that matter, that has a "law of return" for ethnic Germans?

Why are you singling out Israel?

>49. Israel sees the USA as its chief near-term enemy.

A statement without any backing might as well never have been made.

>50. Israel destroys the USA through its fifth column of traitors high in the American government and blackmails the USA into wars fought for the Jew State [Judenstaat]. These wars are bleeding America to death.

I don't suppose you've considered all that oil over there as a possible reason why Bush-43 rushed into war, do you?

By the way, "Judenstaat" doesn't translate as "Jew State." It translates as "Jews State." "Juden" is plural.

>51. Zionism must be recognized as [not even] a racism. Many years ago the United Nations had condemned Zionism as a racism. That was perhaps the only UN Resolution that Israel ever lived up to.

Please explain exactly how Zionism in all its form is racism.

>52. The "Clash of Civilizations" is just a scam used to cause wars against and among all humans.

I don't even know what you're talking about, much less its relevance here.

>53. Elite Jewry is defeating the West [both Black and White] with the holocaust lie and is simultaneously waging an anti-Islamic war using naïve Christians to fight and die for Israel.

See above.

>54. Jewry`s multi-front wars are very risky for ordinary Jews because some Gentiles might wake up.

Like you did? They'd be smarter asleep if they woke up like you.

>55. The War on Terrorism [really a "War on Common Sense"] is a scheme designed to get Whites and Christians to kill innocent Arabs and Muslims.

Perhaps, but you are aware that non-Christians have died on the front lines, are you not?

>A Footnote on Jewish Hate Speech

Oh, goodie.

>The Talmud contains lots of nasty racism, insulting epithets, and malicious lies. Perhaps today`s elite Jewry acquired their racism and mendacity largely from that dreadful book. At any rate, modern elite Jewry has perfected the art of successful lying by defaming those who refuse to believe their lies.

Everyone of you people is a Talmud expert. I love it.

>The best -but not the only- example is the malicious Holocaust blood libel. The scam works like this. Certainly, some Jews died during WW2, but nobody knows for sure how many died. Another basic question is how many of the Jews who died were killed or murdered. However, one scholar said, "During WW2 a war was going on." He referred to the obvious fact that wars are for killing people so one should expect that some Jews would die in a war their own leaders played a large part in starting.

See above.

>During and right after WW2, elite Jewry started with a much higher figure than 6M. Figures like 28M, 16M, or 10M were first suggested and only reduced when these astronomically high numbers were thought to be too implausible. Finally, the Jewish elite stopped at 6,000,000 and dogmatically clung to it. All the details and even other explanations can be found in Germar Rudolf`s Lectures on the Holocaust.

Can you provide a shred of evidence for any of your above three figures? The six million figure, by the way, wasn't even six million -- it was 5.7 million as reckoned by the Anglo-American Commission of Enquiry.

>The Auschwitz Lie pretty much got written in stone at the Nuremberg Show Trials where Soviet, American, and British prosecutors and persecutors tortured confessions out of defenseless Germans. The mendacious Nuremberg judgments gave the media carte blanche to spread the Auschwitz Lie through school textbooks, radio, TV, pseudo-scholarly reference works, institutes, anti-think tanks, synagogue, churches, etc.

You're repeating yourself. See above.

>Now it was very difficult for people to continue to believe wartime propaganda lies after the war ended, so elite Jewry began to accuse holocaust skeptics of "HATE SPEECH." In German they even coined a word, Volksverhetzung, which the innocent beginning student of German might think means "inciting the people" but actually means "inciting Gentiles to not believe the lies of the Jewish elite." However, elite Jews themselves are always inciting the ordinary Jews and Gentiles to believe their lies.

I don't think your German is very good. Mine is a hair above non-existent, which I think yours is.

The word Volksverhetzung was not coined after the Holocaust. The word had already meant "sedition."

>In brief, this is elite Jewry`s holocaust hate speech cycle:
>1. Jew elite tells the cosmic-sized Big Lie of the Holocaust.

Nothing like quoting Hitler to prove your point is always a smart move.

>2. Gentiles say, "Wait! Let us investigate that!"

Gentiles as a group, or certain Jew-hating Gentiles? Can you name three "revisionists" who aren't identifiably anti-Semitic?

>3. Jewish elite protests, "What? You question Jewish suffering and eyewitness testimonies? You are engaging in hate speech."

Even historiographers of the normative history of the Holocaust question eyewitness testimony. What world do you live in?

>4. The Jewish controlled media then proceed to silence and defame the hapless Gentile or Jew who refuses to accept the holocaust blood libel.

And so why haven't they silenced you?

>5. If the Gentile persists, Jewish thugs like Rabbi Kahane`s JDL [Jewish Defense League] send him mail-bombs or Jewish assisted lightening burns down his house. These Jewish thugs are almost always protected by their co-tribalists in the judicial system and the useless police never bother to seriously investigate the crime.

Other than the IHR arson case, can you cite other examples? Because if you can't, then you haven't established a pattern.

>6. If the holocaust skeptic persists, jewdiciaries bankrupt, deport, and imprison him.

So why hasn't this happened to you? Or Bradley Smith? Or Michael Santomauro? Or Jonnie Hargis? Or any other number of people who have stayed in their own countries where their speech about the Holocaust is protected (only twelve countries have criminalized Holocaust denial)?

>These six stages of the hate speech cycle of the Jewish elite can all be seen in the life of the great human rights fighters Ernst Zundel, Robert Faurisson, Germar Rudolf, Georges Thiel, et multi alii. The basic assumption behind elite Jewry`s thinking is that elite Jews themselves could never be guilty of anything in their relations with Gentiles.

What exactly are these "elite Jews" guilty of?

I'm not impressed, Prof. McNally. Want to try for three?


Anonymous said...

I'd like for you to take few moments to explore what might be some "I" issues with your posts - "I" is probably less important than an understanding of how "denier inc.'s" message may be evolving. -"message" being the focus
Related questions:
1. Have you ever seen the Enron parallel before?
2. Do you have a short take on how Finkelstein is regarded in the denial community? -is this a newer reference too?
3. Does this look like a "Muslim Brotherhood" writing contest entry?
-very nutty stuff
Thanx for posting this, and for all of your efforts.

Chris Womak said...

Not many people are reading your blog. Many people are however reading McNally. You are of no concern. Piss off.

Andrew E. Mathis said...

Housebrand: With regard to your questions:

(1) I haven't seen the Enron parallel; could you enlighten me? If possible, send e-mail andrew at mathis dot net.

(2) My take on Finkelstein is that most deniers see him as valuable insofar as he opposes Zionism (as they do to a person), but that, because he affirms the Holocaust, he isn't valuable very much beyond that. If Justice Grey's four-point definition of Holocaust denial (denial of plan, method, and death toll, and believing the Holocaust was manufactured to support Zionism) is valid (and I think it is), then Finkelstein only marginally meets the fourth criterion.

(3) There is no Muslim Brotherhood anymore -- they've all pretty much drifted toward Hamas (a direct descendant group) and Al-Qaida. If you're asking whether I think McNally is an Islamic extremist, my answer is "no."


Andrew E. Mathis said...

Hi, Chris,

Well, *you* are reading our blog, aren't you?

The average Holocaust denier doesn't even know who McNally is. But I bet they've heard of me.

Want to wager on that one?


Calymath said...

How many people read your blog, Womak? When you post bullshit such as this - "do you think all people are the same? Do you believe in Diversity? Do you teach your children to treat blacks just like they would their white peers? If you do, your daughter will definitely get raped" - I'm not suprised that you recieve an average of 0 comments.

Nick Terry said...

Womak got no soul ;-)

I know, no 'c' either, but just comparing him to someone other than lilywhite will probably cause a hissy fit, heh heh.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Mathis,

From your post
>An important point about the Zionist-Semitist Holocaust story is that it looks very complicated but is in fact very simple. The Zionist-Semitist hoax is like the Enron embezzlement scheme: very complicated, convoluted, and contorted in the details but very straightforward in the overall scam, scheme, and shell game.<

I've been exploring only some of these arguments in passing for a few weeks, totally online w/ exception to Finkelstein's Holocaust Industry, and The Bone Woman -Clea Koff. To suggest I should enlighten you is an uncomfortable honor, and I hope is some form of snappy professorial sarcasm toward a stranger who made possibly rude "I" suggestions within painful run-on sentences.

The Enron parallel is of particular interest to me as I recently used Enron as an example online to an "anti-semite" who argued that the world's problems rest w/ Jews. -long story, less than alot of Jews at Enron.
I really liked using Enron as it is an experience that does not require alot of explaining.
>Does Enron fulfil your phantom def. of "Jewry",and at what point? If so "Jewish" need not be a part of it. If not, how is your def. a success?<
So simple, it might fit on a bumper sticker, and less embraced by Aryanizers than I had hoped. The "ownage" went on a little further, and "they" know it.
Here we are a few weeks later, and this "bumper sticker" is being used to define a "Zionist-Semitist Holocaust story"- In a post via Hargis(?), who is separated from the above mentioned "nazi", or whatever, by far less than 6 degrees.
I asked if you had seen "like Enron" used as a prop before, as the possible personal implication is a bit annoying.

- I'll get over it

The other two questions wonder if the moral underpinnings of the author is shifting from NS/"white" race survival/anti-semitist rampagery, to a more focused Holocaust Industry vs. Palestinians in an anti-American/anti-Zionism package -new product launch for new markets?

p.s. If I've been feeding arguments, I can't wait to see how "Third Reich Renaissance Faire" gets twisted to fit!

Nick Terry said...

"The other two questions wonder if the moral underpinnings of the author is shifting from NS/"white" race survival/anti-semitist rampagery, to a more focused Holocaust Industry vs. Palestinians in an anti-American/anti-Zionism package -new product launch for new markets?

McNally can't help himself, antisemitism has eaten his brain. He actually writes 'j00s' in some of his website material.

This is the problem these guys have; while it's one thing to point to 'reasonable' sounding anti-Zionists like Finkelstein, it's another when you encounter the pathologically obsessed and clinically insane.

It's gotten so bad that quite a number of white nationalists/racialists have recently said enough already with this stupid 'name the Jew'/ antisemitism/ Holocaust denial tactic.

whodareswings said...

Mcnally's Point No. 38 is a quote from Ukranian (not German) revisionist Lubomyr Prytulak who won a minor victory against a couple of avaricious Zoglings in a Vancouver BC courtroom last July. Story follows:


“Have you bothered to peak under the hood of this Zio-hoax you sent me? "This website has been seized" is pure baloney. Absolute pure. Here's what I dug up without too much investigation, from a tabloid called The Province, and from the internet domain name registry. First a bit of history.

Lubomyr Prytulak, A Canadan, originally from the Ukraine, published all kinds of stuff on a website at the "" address (mind you there are other "ukar" addresses out there that are unrelated to this one). One of his basic themes was, in his words, "My experience pushes me toward the conclusion that the real and tragic history of the Jewish Holocaust has been hijacked by the Holocaust fabulists who have perverted it beyond recognition."

In 2002 a Brooklyn Zio claiming to be a "Nazi war-crimes investigator,” Steven Rambam, files a defamation suit (in the state of Californai of all places) against Lubomyr Prytulak, of British Columbia (that's Canada), claiming damages arising from "defamatory information" posted on Prytulak's website. Rambam was represented in his California slap-suit-style case by Los Angeles "attorney" Gary Kurtz. Their first attempt was thrown out of court.

Oh, by the way, you'll probably remember Tommie Lantos, that most rabid Zionist of U.S. Congressman, from California, fronting for the Zionist Lobby, pushed through federal legislation last year (2006) earmarking big bucks to set up a vigilante committee in Washington DC to "investigate 'hate crimes'" against Jews and only Jews, right here in the U.S. of A., thereby further encouraging and perhaps legitimizing Zionists extortionist slap suits against their critics, much like this whole UKAR business.

Naturally Rambo and Klutz couldn't stomach losing, so they enlist some help from some of their co-religionists in Canada.

Following "a complaint lodged by the Canadian Jewish Congress" that writings about Jews on Prytulak's UKAR (Ukrainian Archive) website were "likely to expose a person or persons to hatred or contempt based on religion and national or ethnic origin.", the Canadian Human Rights Commission "investigated" in 2003. Prytulak’s writings on his site seem to have focused on refuting Zionist propaganda dishonoring the Ukraine, and uncovering the war crimes committed by Zios against the Ukrainians. He obviously felt some obligation to counter Zio propaganda defaming Ukrainians. In the mid 1990's, for instance, "60 Minutes," spurred on by the Zio Lobby, did one of their standard ookie-spookie investigative bits claiming to have uncovered all kinds of holohoax-type war criminals in the Ukraine.

Well, in 2004, Prytulak has had enough of the Zio's snapping at his heels and stops registering the UKAR domain name, and stops publishing about the Zio menace and undoing Zio lies about "Ukrainian war criminals". The guys a PhD and has other things he needs to be getting on with and writing about.

Back in LA, the two Zio's, Rambo and Klutz, keep hammering away at the court system and eventually get the LA Superior Court to slap a libel penalty of $220,000 or so on Prytulak up there in Canada. Amazing, huh?

Then in July of 2006, a Canadian tabloid The Province reports "Rambam (the Brooklyn Zio) said he would like to purchase Prytulak's website and use it to post information about Ukrainian war criminals." Predictable, yes? Well, on Oct. 21 of 2006, Rambo of Brooklyn did buy the UKAR.ORG domain name. No it was not "seized" and it was bought by Rambo alone according to domain registration records, and was not the 'combined effort of the friends and........of Rambo'. It costs a whopping $15 per year to 'own'---rent is more accurate---a domain name. Yes, $15. You too could spread lies if you wanted, for damn cheap. Prytulak obviously did not sell him his website (the content of a website being a very different thing from simply a web-address/domain-name). And since then, Rambo has been posting the following lies on his one-page website, using the mothballed UKAR domain name.

‘This website has been seized by a combined effort of the friends and colleagues of Steven Rambam. Details of the seizure, various court files, our reward program for assistance in seizing additional assets of certain debtors and other relevant information will be posted here within the next 10 days.’

You are looking at the propaganda prank of a 5-year old mind. And you say these people are 'highly intelligent.' Having a high IQ and being intelligent are very different things. This message is not to be forwarded to anyone or published with my name or address on it."

Post script to the above from the Washington State Lay-off Lubomyr Council:

It took me awhile, but I finally found the only article that comes up on a Google search for Lubomyr Prytulak that mentions his Vancouver BC court victory over Steve Rambam and Gary Kurtz in Canada last July. Unless you really hunt for the facts, the general impression given is that Prytulak got his just desserts for being an anti-Semite. This isn't exactly the case at all. Prytulak was put under alot of pressure, but he apparently had already tired of maintaining his extensive archive and had agreed to let the domain name expire in exchange for no further harassment from a Canadian gov't
watchdog org in Ottawa. The two Shoalantes that went after Dr. Prytulak are pieces of work. Even the pious JDO (Jewish Defence Organization) finds private investigator/nazi hunter Steve Rambam a liability to their cause. Pot addled (Bob) Dylanologist A.J. Weber isn't impressed either. Warning: Kosher VNZs ahead (Vituperative Niggling Zone).

Jewish Defense Organization on Steve Rambam:

AJ Weberman on Steve Rambam:
Vancouver Province A24 | 12Jul2006 | Keith Fraser

Lawyer Fails to Make Case in B.C. Court

Gary Kurtz: Won defamation case against Lubomyr Prytulak in the U.S.
The romantic partner of a B.C. Supreme Court justice who is embroiled in a
cross-border defamation case yesterday successfully set aside registration of a $250,000 US award against him. The Superior Court of California had found that Lubomyr Prytulak, who lives with Justice Mary Marvyn Koenigsberg, had defamed Gary Kurtz, an American lawyer, on Prytulak's controversial website and in letters to several judges.
When Kurtz sought to have the judgment registered in B.C. Supreme Court, which
would allow him to collect on the award, Prytulak applied to have the registration set
aside. On the second day of the hearing, B.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice Donald
Brenner agreed with Prytulak's arguments that the California court did not have the proper
jurisdiction. "In all of the circumstances of the case I believe he did not appear [in the
California court] or submit to the jurisdiction of that court as defined by British Columbia law," Brenner concluded. "We're obviously disappointed but the judge seemed to be doing his work and appeared to have carefully considered all of the issues," Kurtz said outside court. Brenner said the move does not stop Kurtz from pursuing the case by other means,
An apparent reference to the possibility of him suing Prytulak for judgment in B.C.
Kurtz said he is "planning to take the appropriate next step," but couldn't say
what that might be. He is also alleging that Prytulak's 2004 conveyance of his interest in the $903,000 west-side Vancouver home he shares with Koenigsberg, done in the midst of the defamation case, be declared void, but it's unclear when that aspect of the case will go
forward.Prytulak's lawyer, Robert Anderson, had no comment, but walked away with a smile. Prytulak could not be reached. Koenigsberg could not be reached. The defamation related to writings on Prytulak's one-time website, The
website has previously drawn a hate-speech complaint against Prytulak.

Anonymous said...


I was wondering if perhaps you could write a longer, more rambling, and less coherent post.

Thanks in advance!


JPSlovjanski said...

This may be off-topic but I found it pretty idiotic that he mentions Japan as a country that has a lot of crematoriums. See, he could have easily mentioned modern-day Germany, France, or the US, but for some reason he picked Japan. As far as I know, cremation is the standard traditional practice of the Shinto religion. So basically he names a country that has a pretty damn good reason to have all those crematoriums.

Anonymous said...

He lives in Japan, so that's probably why.


Anonymous said...

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