Friday, May 29, 2015

Jansson goes on fussing …

this time about my having made "the unsubstantiated assumption that the conscientious objectors in the Minnesota starvation experiment had the same levels of body fat as the large anthrax carcasses with which Lothes and Profé worked with" .

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Jansson finally answered my Dresden Altmarkt question …

… which I last asked him in this blog.

Actually I’m not sure if his latest blog contains an answer to my question about the amount of gasoline used on the Dresden Altmarkt pyres, or rather an attempt to avoid providing an answer.

Anyway, I’ll comment on what he’s got.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The more you scratch Friedrich Jansson …

… the more the fellow loses his bearings and hysterically showers abuse on his opponent.

His latest foot-stomping, with the title Spoonfeeding the Mule, reads like Jansson is foaming at his mouth, at least the title and the introductory abuse, which is so characteristic of this lamentable individual that it will be quoted verbatim:
Roberto Muehlenkamp has again updated some posts in his futile attempt to refute my criticisms, and has again offered little but misinterpretation, incomprehension, and illiteracy. We all know what that means: it’s time for another round of spoonfeeding that dimwitted animal. As usual, I will simply ignore cases when Muehlenkamp has simply repeated himself without even acknowledging my previous refutation, and while pretending that I had not addressed an issue. (He may not be deliberately lying in these cases, as his reading comprehension is so poor that he doesn’t even notice concise rebuttals.)

Friday, May 22, 2015

Auschwitz SS Men Confessing on Tape: Victor Capesius

The confessions of former Auschwitz SS men towards journalists and researchers (i.e. beyond criminal investigations and trials) are powerful evidence for the reality of mass extermination at this site. Each of them will be presented in a separate posting, starting with the former SS doctor Victor Capesius.

Talk about hysterics …

… Jansson continues exemplifying Peter Bamm’s assessment of Jansson’s beloved Führer, which also applies to Hitler’s "Revisionist" defense attorneys (or at least to a majority of them including Jansson).

Jansson’s latest outburst, with the title Muehlenkamp on the run (wishful thinking is also thinking, and the kind of thinking that Jansson excels in) has been addressed here and here.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

CODOH Latest: Hubris, Hannover's Stupidity

1) Hubris - seen in this thread in a) the idea that denial deserves educational parity with history, as if Flat Earth beliefs and spiritualism deserve parity with physics (genuine physics that is, not denier junk science); b) the belief that an Internet site promoting petitions should give space to a petition with an antisemitic agenda. The petition's author, Kollerstrom, could simply have checked out the site's terms of service
We reserve the right to remove petitions found to be excessively offensive by our users or editorial staff

2) Hannover's stupidity, arrogance, dishonesty, immorality - seen here, thread preserved here.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Peter Bamm on male hysteria

The hysterics of my mostly male "Revisionist" interlocutors over the years have often reminded me of the following remark:
Während die weibliche Hysterie eine verhältnismäßig harmlose Bereicherung des Daseins ist, wird die männliche Hysterie oft zum blutigen Motiv der Geschichte. Daß die meisten Menschen nicht wissen, daß es Hysterie bei Männern gibt, macht die Störung nur um so gefährlicher. (Whereas female hysteria is a comparatively harmless enrichment of existence, male hysteria often becomes the bloody motive of history. The fact that most people don’t know that there is hysteria in men only makes the disturbance all the more dangerous.)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

As Jansson continues producing junk …

… the following blogs have been updated:

Friedrich Jansson proudly presents … (third update, 14.05.2015), in response to Jansson’s blog More garbage disposal

Jansson is at it again … (second update, 13.05.2015), in response to Jansson’s blog Further remarks on Ettling and car fires

Just when I thought I had seen all of Jansson’s fits … (first update, 13.05.2015), in response to Jansson’s blog Muehlenkamp cornered, lies through his teeth

Jansson on 1942 births in Leningrad (first update, 13.05.2015), in response to Jansson’s blog More garbage disposal

There’s no history in "Revisionism" (first update, 14.05.2015), in response to Jansson’s blog Revisionism and History: response to Muehlenkamp’s regurgitation of Nick Terry

Jansson seems to be rather obsessed with this writer, to whom he has dedicated 5 blogs in a row since yesterday.

The last of these blogs, with the title On burial density in terms of mass of carcasses per cubic meter, was published today and will be addressed below.

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Sehn's Mistake, Bellinger's Gaffe

In 2001, Joe Bellinger, writing as Ross McCullough, wrote this review of Jan Sehn's book on Auschwitz. Bellinger accurately quoted Sehn's claim that, in the verdict against Degesch MD Gerhard Peters, the Frankfurt court stated that "although Peters did voluntarily agree to supply the camp with poison gas, it is impossible today to prove beyond doubt that people were really killed in Oswiecim with cyclon B."

Bellinger kicked up a fuss over this quote without realising, or bothering to check, that Sehn was misquoting the primary source, which he had only seen via a secondary source, a newspaper article (Trybuna Ludu 9.6.1955). The primary source here actually says
Hieraus folgt, dass eine Feststellungen dahin, dass das von dem Angeklagten gelieferte Zyklon B nicht zu Tötungen benutzt worden ist, nicht getroffen werden kann. Es kann aber nicht bewiesen werden, dass mit dem von dem Angeklagten gelieferten Zyklon jemand getötet worden ist
which Valerie Hébert translates as "From this it follows, that a conclusion, that the Zyklon B delivered, by the accused was not used for killing, cannot be made. It can, however, not be proven, that with the Zyklon delivered by the accused someone was killed."

In addition to the trial verdict and Hébert's thesis, a contemporary report of the trial can be read here. I am grateful to Maximus Olson for his help with this piece.

The Series of Aerial Reconnaissance Photographs of 25 August 1944 of Auschwitz-Birkenau

In the blog posting John Ball's Air Photo Evidence on Auschwitz, I had pointed out that there is a second set of aerial photographs from Auschwitz-Birkenau of 25 August 1944 other than those analyzed by John Ball. I had designated the former as "RAF photographs" and the latter as "USAF photographs" (later I changed this to from "British archives" and "US archives" respectively as the photographs were taken by the South African Air Force as pointed out by the Lesser Bunny). I claimed that both sets of photographs were taken by different air planes. This was an educated guess based on the fact that both series show approximately the same place taken at the same time and because the different series seemed to have been released by different countries. But there is actually an alternative explanation, it's possible and more likely that there was one air plane carrying two differently oriented cameras. Anyway, whether two planes with one cam each or one plane with two cams, the two series of photographs, thereof only one analysed and published by CIA aerial experts, both showing the same features at the Birkenau compound debunks Ball's claim that the photos have been tampered with by the CIA. 

Now, the Lesser Bunny spammed HC blog's comment section that he supposedly exposed my "nonsense about two different planes photographing Birkenau in tandem on August 25, 1944". However, he replaces my (as I noted above, arguably not most likely) explanation by a claim which is even worse.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Joe Bellinger's Tragic Past

Sometimes we need empathy for why people choose to have crazy beliefs. In the case of Inconvenient History columnist Joe Bellinger, whose family history here matches his IH profile, the adoption of rabid Holocaust denial and antisemitism can perhaps be traced to the murder of his daughter in 1987. In 1990, his son shot two people, then escaped to New York.  When his son was sentenced in 1992, Bellinger and his wife "pleaded no contest to charges that they orchestrated the escape." Bellinger was "placed on three years probation and ordered to perform 200 hours of community service on a felony charge." The police explained in the earlier piece that "All the problems this family has seems to have . . . stemmed from the sister's death...Joey Jr. has never been the same, and daddy has never been the same since." A decade later Bellinger emerged as a nutty denier, as Sergey documented here.

There’s no history in "Revisionism"

A reader of Friedrich Jansson’s "Holocaust History Channel" blog site, George McCluskey, has commented on two of Jansson’s articles, Pearls before swine: explaining the obvious to an idiot (discussed in the blog Just when I thought I had seen all of Jansson’s fits … and in the 2nd update of the blog Friedrich Jansson proudly presents…) and Red Cross can’t find extermination installations at Auschwitz.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Reply to Nicholas Kollerstrom on the Auschwitz Death Books

The Revisionist Nicholas Kollerstrom, author of the book Breaking the Spell, has recently commented on my blog posting Open Letter to Nick Kollerstrom on the Auschwitz Death Books. Here's my reply to him.

Another update ...

... of the blog Friedrich Jansson proudly presents … has been published.

Jansson on 1942 births in Leningrad

In a further response to the blog Friedrich Jansson tries to help Mattogno …, Jansson provides a source that, so he claims, "decisively" refutes my assumption that 3rd percentile female weights given in CDC Growth Charts, namely the charts Data Table of Infant Weight-for-age Charts and Data Table of Weight-for-age Charts (I only addressed the latter so far) are too high to represent the weights of a starved population.

Rebuttal of Mattogno on Auschwitz, Part 5: Construction Documents, G: Gas Chambers

The crematoria in Auschwitz-Birkenau were equipped with gas chambers. Leaving aside testimonial evidence (which also specifies their purpose), this follows clearly and explicitely from documentary evidence from the archives of the central construction office Auschwitz. I will first quote the relevant documents (including a rebuttal of Mattogno's arguments against their homicidal interpretation, which I think is nessecary, but is hidden with the html spoiler code as it may beyond the interest of many readers), followed by a rebuttal of Mattogno's own hypothesis of the nature of these gas chambers and completed by some photographic evidence for a homicidal gas chamber in Auschwitz, which remains insufficiently explained by Revisionists up to this day. 

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Just when I thought I had seen all of Jansson’s fits …

… the poor fellow gets even more hysterical than before, in his latest production with the self-characterizing title Pearls before swine: explaining the obvious to an idiot, which largely consists of attempts to explain away his blunders and distortions, adding more as he goes along.

This blog will address Jansson's response to the blog Friedrich Jansson tries to help Mattogno ….

Thursday, April 30, 2015

A memorable date

The present date marks the 70th anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s suicide. On 30 April 1945 the fellow finally did something he should have done five years and eight months before at the latest, if you ask me.

The Battle of Berlin ended two days later, having claimed the lives of at least 170,000 soldiers and uncounted civilians (22,000 inside the Berlin Defense Area alone) within a mere 17 days.

World War II in Europe ended (mostly) 9 days after Hitler’s death. People continued dying violently in large numbers until 9 May 1945 and thereafter, many of them (perhaps including this gentleman, who was not yet 21 years old at the time) during the Soviet army’s Prague Offensive.

30 years after Hitler’s death, 30 April 1975 marked the lowest point of the USA’s military fortunes in foreign wars, with the capture of Saigon by the People’s Army of Vietnam and the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam (also known as the Việt Cộng).

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Jansson is at it again …

… after he had, in one of his previous posts (commented in the updates mentioned here), announced with his customary big mouth that he would not waste his time in "point by point" responses to my responses to his posts, claiming (rather mendaciously in my opinion, but I’ll let our readers decide) that my responses were "disorganized meanderings", which "fail to engage with the full argument being made, are characteristically thoughtless, being written in a very short timeframe and without even the slightest effort at coherence".

Apparently Jansson doesn’t believe his own abusive rhetoric. Or then some of my arguments are giving him nightmares and/or sleepless nights. Or then it’s both, a distinct possibility considering that a number of my arguments remain unaddressed and a few questions I asked him directly (one of them at least twice) remain unanswered.

Anyway, here we have the latest of Jansson’s "Muehlenkamp this, Muehlenkamp that" productions, with the inevitable baseless accusations of dishonesty ("imposture", "misleading rhetoric", "fundamental lack of regard for the truth") that I attribute to Jansson’s self-projection and/or to the intellectual dishonesty he has been displaying himself throughout our discussions, most prominently in the writings commented in my update of the blog Friedrich Jansson proudly presents …. So let’s see what he’s got this time.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Israel and the Armenian Genocide

This is just a quick note to point out that, although the Israeli state does not recognize nor deny the Armenian genocide (presumably because it relies on Turkey as an ally in the region), this did not prevent Jews and Armenian Christians from marking the centenary of event in Jerusalem, as shown by the stories linked here and here and here.

Blog updates

The following blogs have been updated in response to Friedrich Jansson's latest production:

"Muehlenkamp lies about Provan" …

Friedrich Jansson proudly presents …

Mattogno's Dishonesty: the Föhl Letter

In MGK's Riposte, p.546, Mattogno writes as follows:
 On 21 June 1942 Walter Föhl, Deputy Director of the Department for Population and Social Welfare of the General Government (stellvertretender Leiter der Abteilung Bevölkerungswesen und Fürsorge des Generalgouvernements), wrote a letter containing the following information:
“Wir nehmen jeden Tag Züge mit je über 1000 Juden aus ganz Europa an und verarzten sie hier, bringen sie mehr oder weniger provisorisch unter und schieben sie meist weiter, hinein in die weißruthenischen Sümpfe Richtung Eismeer, wo sie alle – wenn sie es überleben (und das tun die Juden vom Kurfürstendamm oder aus Wien und Preßburg bestimmt nicht) – gegen Kriegsende versammelt sind, nicht ohne einige Autostraßen fertig gebaut zuhaben. (Aber man soll darüber nicht sprechen).”
“Every day we receive trains, each with more than 1,000 Jews from all of Europe, giving them medical checks, accommodating them more or less temporarily and sending most of them on, into the White Ruthenian marshes toward the Arctic Ocean, where they will all be assembled by the end of the war – provided they survive (and the Jews from the Kurfürstendamm or from Vienna and Bratislava certainly won’t) – not without having built some roads. (But we are not supposed to talk about it).”
The only sane reading of Föhl's letter is that it is a sarcastic commentary on how three of the RSHA's former suggestions (deportation to the Pripet marshes, detention in Siberian camps and roadbuilding in the East) have now been replaced by extermination in the Aktion Reinhard camps, with the exception of the use of some fit Jews (a relatively small number) for work tasks such roadbuilding on the DG IV project. Föhl's sarcastic tone is clearly expressed in the absurd formulation "the White Ruthenian marshes toward the Arctic Ocean", whilst the real murderous intent is conveyed in the phrase "provided they survive (and the Jews from the Kurfürstendamm or from Vienna and Bratislava certainly won’t)," which also echoes the euphemistic language used at Wannsee concerning "natural reduction." Yet Mattogno, a supposedly educated man, says "This provides further evidence in favor of a real “resettlement [Aussiedlung].”" This tells us everything we need to know about Mattogno.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

German President enrages Turkey

Turkey is a beautiful country, and its people are a great people. The holidays I spent there with my wife in 2006 are among the happiest I can recall. I like Turkish food and have Turkish friends in Germany.

Sadly, Turkey is also a country where genocide denial – namely denial that the Armenian Genocide was a genocide – is not just the attitude of a minority of ideologically motivated fanatics, but official state policy.

Thus, when German President Joachim Gauck (the first German politician to do this, as far as I know) publicly called a spade a spade last Thursday, on the eve of 100th anniversary of the first killings, he triggered an angry response from Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who had earlier rebuked Pope Francis for a similar statement.

Meanwhile, there are signs that "many Turks now understand that their country has a need to address its past".

Germans have set an example in doing this over the past decades, by confronting the crimes of the Nazi regime and society as what they were. Turks will hopefully do the same in the near future. I’m sure it will benefit their great nation, like the great German nation has benefited from coming to terms with its past.

Friedrich Jansson tries to help Mattogno …

… who, as I pointed out in the blog Friedrich Jansson responded …,, produced no arguments of significance against my substantiated assumptions regarding the height and weight of Polish Jews murdered at the AR camps. In his latest piece, with the amusingly (and characteristically) blusterous and accusatory title Muehlenkamp’s body-mass delusion: a case of BMI abuse, Jansson starts out bragging as follows:
Foundational to Roberto Muehlenkamp’s misrepresentations of the realities concerning burial space at the Reinhardt camps is his claim that Polish Jews weighed an average of 34 kilograms (75 pounds). This claim is based on the assumptions that (1) one third of the Jews were children (meaning under the age of 15), that (2) the adults weighed an average of 43 kg, and that (3) the children weighed an average of 16 kg.

This post will show how worthless are Muehlenkamp’s claims, and how mendacious his analysis. The passage under discussion is from Muehlenkamp’s contribution to the holocaust controversies manifesto, pp. 416-418, especially pp. 417-418; the results of this vital passage exert themselves throughout the rest of Muehlenkamp’s discussion of both burial space and cremation.

Atrocity by Soviet Partisans in Finnish Lapland (extremely graphic)

This page shows in graphic detail an atrocity committed by Soviet partisans who crossed the border into Finnish Lapland in 1944. The photos undoubtedly document an act of terrorism, which can be fairly classed as murder, with documented child victims. However, contrary to the mad ravings of the not-very-bright Jonnie Hargis, these photos were suppressed for six decades not by Zionists but by Finns, as shown here, because atrocities committed by both sides were too sensitive a topic to air publicly during the Cold War. Details of the events have been on-line for over a decade and can be found, for example, here and here. Horrific crimes by the Finns included mass starvation and shooting, such as shown here.

What these crimes show is something that should be obvious but which we occasionally have to restate: atrocities occurred in many places in World War II, committed by many sides, but those by the Nazis in the USSR were on a far larger scale, based upon systematic pre-invasion starvation and shooting planning, and designed to make vastly wider spaces available only to German settlement.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Graf's Idiocy Regarding West German Trials (Part 3)

Further to Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, the involvement of Nazi sympathizers in aiding defence witnesses in proceedings concerning Sobibor is documented in articles here and here. Note particularly the involvement of HIAG in supporting defendants and helping Frenzel's lawyer Leonhardt Reintzsch to keep Frenzel's case alive until 1985, despite, for example, Frenzel's admissions to Blatt.

The article from Die Zeit informs us that Reintzsch supplied material to Regina Dahl of the far right "National-Zeitung", but that eventually Reintzsch seems to have accepted that the trial was fair:
 "As was credibly assured to me several times by fellow defense attorneys, who have intervened in similar proceedings on various occasions, the public prosecutor’s office has especially in the Sobibor proceedings shown a maximum of objectivity."
Finally, the title of the article was The "Forgotten" Trial, so this cannot by definition have been a "show trial." Thus is another nail driven into the coffin that contains Graf's credibility.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Carolyn Yeager: Two Clarifications

I wouldn't normally be interested in defending Yeager, whom we have written about in the past, but I have decided to share some research information that can clarify some debates about her that are occuring in far right circles. Firstly, Yeager's ex-husband Lawrence Theodore Kahant was not Jewish. His genealogy clearly traces to an male ancestor who was born in New York between 1835 and 1837, whose wife immigrated from England, and who worked as a confectioner. Secondly, Yeager-Kahant was charged with theft in 2009 but, as far as I can tell, her arrest record shows the case being dismissed. Yeager-Kahant was an art teacher prior to her retirement, although it seems she was nearly 60 when she qualified.

Rebuttal of Mattogno on Auschwitz, Part 5: Construction Documents, F: Cremation with Simultaneous Special Treatment