Monday, June 13, 2022

Brief Update: Ryan Faulk's Second Guesses

 Having written just a few days ago about Ryan Faulk's problematic foray into Jewish population analysis 1939-1945, I checked his Bitchute video again to see whether anyone had posted the link from here to the comments section.

Turns out someone did.

I also happened to visit the Cesspit, knowing that Faulk had registered there a few months ago. And what do you know? Turns out Faulk began a new thread since I made last week's blog post, consulting the brain trust over at CODOH to assure him that he's right and I'm wrong. Someone also apparently pointed out the Korherr Report to Faulk, and so he's second guessing himself in that regard as well.

"Basically, does anyone know how the Nazis were counting Jews? Did they have guys running around with clipboards?" asks our young hero.

Call me crazy, but maybe you should look into more sources than just the American Jewish Yearbook before you present yourself as an expert on the topic?


  1. Is it bad that I got a chuckle out of the guy saying "are the korherr report and wannsee protocols forged?"

  2. Right? Looks like another antidenier is going after him now at CODOH (no idea who the guy is). Countdown to deletions in 3..., 2....

  3. Please do not spam the same comment/question under different posts, further repetitions will be deleted. Your question was replied to in the other thread.


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