Saturday, April 22, 2017

Contemporary Reports of Killings in the USSR that included Children

The following is merely a sample of reports where the killing of children is included or clearly implied. More will follow in due course. To these must also be added the numerous actions in the Jaeger Report that included children, and Jaeger's update of 9.2.42 which gave a total killed of 34,464 children.We can also consider the high number of references to places being "free of Jews" (e.g. EM 88, EM 133, EM 150) as being inclusive of killing all the children.

1) Massacre in Sculeni by Rumanian forces, July 1941: "all the Yids who remained in this village...were executed according to orders from above (cited in Deletant, p.144-145; see also this video of testimonies)."

2) Vileyka, massacre by EK 9,approximately July 30, 1941, reported in TuLB 2: "In Wilejka musste die gesamte Judenschaft liquidiert werden (Klein (ed.), p.136; Kay, p.163n.22)."

3) Bila Tserkva: "[Riedl] stated that he considers the extermination of the Jewish women and children to be absolutely necessary, regardless of how this is to be done [Groscurth, 295th Infantry Division, 20.8.41]."

4) Kamenets-Podolsky: 23,600 Jews (EM 80)

5) Kiev: 36,000 Jews (EM 106 and EM 128)

6) Mogilev: 3,726 Jews of both sexes and all ages (EM 133)

7) Gorki: 2,200 Jews of all ages (EM 133)

8) Thomas, leader of Einsatzgruppe C: "The extermination of the Jews, who are, without any doubt, useless as workers and more harmful as the carriers of the bacillae of Communism, was [unavoidably] necessary [EM 133, 14.11.41]."

9) Shumyachi 16 mentally ill Russian and Jewish children (EM 148)

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