Wednesday, October 26, 2016

"Holocaust Handbooks" Updating Policy - Cosmetic Changes and Recycling Instead of Engaging With Critique

Author: Hans Metzner
The denier site has repeatedly released "corrected" and "expanded" editions of their "Holocaust Handbooks Series", most recently Carlo Mattogno's book Auschwitz: Open Air Incinerations. Upon scrolling through the pdf, the most important "correction" seems to be the replacement of "official" by "orthodox" and "cremation" by "incineration". Aside this, three articles have been attached at the end. One might think that these additions constitute new researched material, but they are merely rehashed articles previously published in 2003 (1998 in German), 2003 and 2015 (2004 in German). 

As usual, the new edition of the book entirely refrains from engaging with its critique, most notable my blog posts The Photograph of the Crematorium Site Undressing Scene in Auschwitz-Birkenau (re: section 7.2), The Auschwitz Open Air Incineration Photographs as Evidence for Mass Extermination (re: section 10,11) and Auschwitz Labour Force Reports as Evidence of Sinister Activity at the Crematoria (re: section 12). It is, by the way, also noteworthy that the latter seems to have contributed at least something to the evolution of the former denier going after the name theblackrabbitofinlé to acknowledge Nazi mass extermination. This loss is particular bad for Holocaust denial as he was one of the few - if not the only one - still active in actual archival research.

Update of 26/12/2016: Follow-up posting Rudolf on Holocaust Handbooks


Gilles Karmasyn said...

It's a little bit like Rudolf updating his "report" once a year (well I lost the count of its editions), each time he is caught hand in the cookie jar, for example falsifying a genuine expert (Gerhard "der Grösste Teil" Peters, 1933, ouch) or using forgeries (Pinter 1948 Lachout "Mathausne Berich"). How fun!

Gabi said...

Well, to be honest, it doesn't seem that the guys at CODOH are too upset at the Rabbit's "betrayl".

Funny how denier logic works.
- When someone does not deny the holocaust and never did -----> "You are just brainwashed by the Jews and schools and media!"
- when someone denies the holocaustm does a ton of "research" and eventually changes his mind ----------> "You are just brainwashed by the Jews and the SSF!!!"

J Kelly said...

I'm actually kind of upset with CODOH, they put out an invitation for me to come join them...but for some reason my account won't activate.
What a pity.