Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sonderbehandlung 14f13 at Gross Rosen

On April 3, 1942, Arthur Roedl, commandant of Gross-Rosen, wrote that the "the special treatment ) of 127 prisoners has been completed on 2 April 1942." Proof that this meant 'killed' can be derived from the same author's message of March 26, 1942, collected in 1234-PS. This notes that 214 arrestees were "mustered out" on 19-20 January, of whom 36 had died by March 17th and 51 had been declared capable of work. The 127 remaining were killed at Bernburg in batches of 70 and 57: the transfer of the first 70 is shown here.

The process of selection for Sonderbehandlung 14f13 is documented in 1151-PS [scans], summarized in the Staff Evidence Analysis here. Liebensehel wrote on December 10, 1941, that a DoctorsCommission would visit nine camps to make selections. Forms were then issued (NO-1945). The selections at Gross Rosen on 19-20 January were discussed in a letter by Mennecke to his wife (NO-907). The euthanasia centre Bernburg wrote to Gross Rosen on March 3rd to arrange the transfers, noting that "inmates from other concentration camps will arrive" and thus "an interim is necessary for us in order to be able to carry out all this work."


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  2. Thanks. That scan is in Bella Gutterman's book (photo section after p.130) but it appears not to be in the Nuremberg exhibits that are on-line, although the German and English transcriptions are so.

  3. With pleasure. Indeed, many documents are in this case on this website, unfortunately...


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