Monday, December 14, 2015

Thomas Kues Is No Longer An Active Revisionist

This is according to Jürgen Graf here. I have no way of checking the veracity of Graf's account, which is filtered through his conspiracy theories and wishful thinking; I'm simply posting the information for others to read and comment upon. Kues made the denier scene more entertaining given the "imaginative" nature of his resettlement thesis and wild hypothesizing, and at least he motivated M/G to get something out on Sobibor (no matter how dim-witted), so in that sense we will miss him, as I would expect the denier scene now to contract again into Auschwitz and not much else.


  1. Sounds like Graf is saying the Holocaust Mafia sent a hit squad after Kues.
    I think it is sad that there are people that live in a phantom world populated by vicious bloodthirsty Jews out to get them.
    I think this Kues fellow needs to get some serious psychiatric help. It isn't healthy to live your life prey to frightening delusions.
    Glad to see a new post.

  2. He was a bit brighter than Graf and Mattogno. A bit.

    I just love his spamming of news reports on working Jews as "proof" of resettlement for nonworking Jews. He missed the point clearly. His Chelmno theories were so transparently dishonest that I wonder if he kept a straight face while doing them.


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