Monday, October 05, 2015

Goebbels: "Mauer reports massive shootings of Jews in the Ukraine"

I am grateful to Jason for spotting this quote, translated from this German text of 19.10.41, also noted in Herf.
Mauer reports massive shootings of Jews in the Ukraine.

He urgently requests explanatory material for the Ukrainian population because they don't understand the need for such severe measures against the Jews.

Bolshevism has weakened the anti-Semitic instinct in the people of the Soviet Union; in many ways we'll have to start from the beginning here.


  1. Interesting! But how would you respond to "revisionists" who then probably critically ask "but how do we know that these documents and Goebbels diary is genuine and authentic? They can just as well be fictional ally propganda after hand constructions as "proof" that in hindsight should match the myths about the Holocaust"

    Or what have they to say about these documents and Goebbels diary?

  2. I don't think the authenticity of Goebbels' diaries is in dispute, even among "Revisionists". It was established by David Irving among others IIRC. And a "Revisionist" by the name of "Thomas Dalton PhD" wrote a series of articles about Goebbels' diary in which he peddles faith-conforming interpretations of selected entries.

    Whenever someone starts squealing about "Allied propaganda", ask such person what would be the point of "propaganda" that was left rotting in some archive until someone discovered it decades after the end of the war.

  3. I would argue that there's no motive for the "allies" to forge any documents that Justify the Holocaust. The reality is that neither the east nor the west really cared about it, tragically.

    The West - The USA in particular - needed West Germany as an ally in the cold war. They loosened the requirements on Denazification and gave clemency to several Nazi Criminals. Roberto once shared an article about the Malmedy massacre trial, for example. All the sentences were commuted in the end. If the US is willing to look the other way for men who murdered their own soldiers, what more for some Jews?

    The Soviets - as everyone knows- actually hid all records of the Holocaust. The official policy was not to "divide the dead" - i.e. to omit the fact that Jews were disproportionately targeted by Nazi killing actions in order to perpetuate the narrative of the war being between Capitalist Fascism and Soviet Communism. This is why we know the Jager report's genuine - it contradicts this narrative. Viciously. What sort of idiot would forge "propaganda" that is the opposite of their actual propaganda policy? Moreover, what idiot would believe anyone would forge "propaganda" that is the opposite of propaganda? "Revisionists", that's who.

    Deniers bury their heads in the sand when confronted with this reality. An example would be some dumbass POS rabbit.


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