Sunday, June 14, 2015

One of Jansson’s complaints …

Update, 15.06.2015

… just gave me a good laugh.

In his latest piece about the somewhat-less-than relevant "steam chamber" issue that is one of his obsessions, Jansson complained that "Roberto Muehlenkamp has recently adopted the same practice, updating posts without any announcement that he was doing so."

So although Jansson knows from my previous practice in our discussions that I tend to respond to his comments regarding a given blog of mine in an update of that blog, I’m supposed to write an additional blog announcing such update.

What else would you like me to do, Mr. Jansson? Buy you an ice cream?

I’ve actually made such update announcements on most occasions throughout my discussions with Jansson – not out of courtesy to Jansson, though I otherwise treat him more politely than his obnoxious behavior deserves, but in order to call our readers’ attention to the updates, which of course I don’t want them to miss.

Exceptions to this rule, if I remember correctly, are the update of the blog Jansson thought of quitting our discussions … (written in response to one of Jansson’s outbursts, with the self-characterizing title Muehlenkamp goes full retard), and the update of the blog On "Revisionist" error nitpicking (2) (written in response to a showpiece of Jansson’s hysterical hollering with the equally self-characterizing title Another bumper crop from the Muehlenkamp error farm).

I duly apologize to our readers (not to Jansson) for this omission, and hope they nevertheless read the updates, which in every blog are linked to after the cut.

In the future I’ll post the links to updates right below the blog’s title (except where a blog is part of a series, in which case the mix-up with links to the series’ other installments might be confusing), in order to further reduce the possibility of our readers missing the updates.

Update, 15.06.2015

The blog On "Revisionist" error nitpicking (3) has been updated, in response to Jansson’s blog Mit der Dummheit ….

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