Sunday, June 21, 2015

Hitler Speech 30.1.42 Reprise

In response to Jansson's latest babbling, and again ignoring his ad hominem attacks, I will simply point out another sentence in the speech, which Roberto quoted here: "For once all the others will not bleed to death alone; for once the ancient Jewish law will come into play: an eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth." This connects to another Hitler statement of the following year: "The Bolshevist monster, to which they want to deliver the European nations, will someday tear them and their people to pieces." According to Jansson, such statements do not refer to large-scale killing of the European population, even though Rosenberg had already, on Sept. 12 1941, referred to the "ausrottung" of a million Volga Germans as "mass murder." Of course, to rebut another lingering straw man in Jansson's position, one does not have to show an intent to kill every living being directly (by shooting or gassing) to achieve extermination, merely an intent to kill enough to remove the viability of the population's survival. Thus Hitler could have meant extermination in the sense of "kill most Europeans, leave the rest to die off." As to what Hitler meant by "Europeans", clearly he meant that the USSR would eventually massacre its allies after it had finished exterminating the Germans.

So we have to wonder again what Jansson's purpose here. As I will show in a future post, there are dozens of ausrottung-related statements (or statements deploying similar phrases) by Nazis that clearly relate to killing. Even if Jansson managed to find one Nazi who used ausrottung in an anomalous manner (which he has not managed to do), such an anomaly would be swamped by the overwhelming majority of killing uses, which can be connected to a timeline and a context (such as the Volga German deportation and Kaufman's "Germany Must Perish") which leave no doubt as to what "eye for an eye" meant.

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