Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mattogno's Dishonesty: the Föhl Letter

In MGK's Riposte, p.546, Mattogno writes as follows:
 On 21 June 1942 Walter Föhl, Deputy Director of the Department for Population and Social Welfare of the General Government (stellvertretender Leiter der Abteilung Bevölkerungswesen und Fürsorge des Generalgouvernements), wrote a letter containing the following information:
“Wir nehmen jeden Tag Züge mit je über 1000 Juden aus ganz Europa an und verarzten sie hier, bringen sie mehr oder weniger provisorisch unter und schieben sie meist weiter, hinein in die weißruthenischen Sümpfe Richtung Eismeer, wo sie alle – wenn sie es überleben (und das tun die Juden vom Kurfürstendamm oder aus Wien und Preßburg bestimmt nicht) – gegen Kriegsende versammelt sind, nicht ohne einige Autostraßen fertig gebaut zuhaben. (Aber man soll darüber nicht sprechen).”
“Every day we receive trains, each with more than 1,000 Jews from all of Europe, giving them medical checks, accommodating them more or less temporarily and sending most of them on, into the White Ruthenian marshes toward the Arctic Ocean, where they will all be assembled by the end of the war – provided they survive (and the Jews from the Kurfürstendamm or from Vienna and Bratislava certainly won’t) – not without having built some roads. (But we are not supposed to talk about it).”
The only sane reading of Föhl's letter is that it is a sarcastic commentary on how three of the RSHA's former suggestions (deportation to the Pripet marshes, detention in Siberian camps and roadbuilding in the East) have now been replaced by extermination in the Aktion Reinhard camps, with the exception of the use of some fit Jews (a relatively small number) for work tasks such roadbuilding on the DG IV project. Föhl's sarcastic tone is clearly expressed in the absurd formulation "the White Ruthenian marshes toward the Arctic Ocean", whilst the real murderous intent is conveyed in the phrase "provided they survive (and the Jews from the Kurfürstendamm or from Vienna and Bratislava certainly won’t)," which also echoes the euphemistic language used at Wannsee concerning "natural reduction." Yet Mattogno, a supposedly educated man, says "This provides further evidence in favor of a real “resettlement [Aussiedlung].”" This tells us everything we need to know about Mattogno.

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  1. Additionally, there is no record of transports from Western Europe in the way that Fohl describes - daily transports to the GG and then going elsewhere.

    This letter is really absurd. It describes something that was not happening.

    As this letter says nothing about the GG Jews, MGK cannot use it as proof of resettlement.

    My general thesis on this letter: Oberhauser testified that systematic extermination was not decided upon until may, but that the GG jews were being exterminated beforehand. I believe Eichmann testified something to this effect as well.
    Fohl was not at the time aware of the policy change and still thought that The Western Jews would be pushed off to Russia in the event of an imminent German victory. In a few months, Fohl would find out that his assumptions were not the case.


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