Saturday, April 25, 2015

Atrocity by Soviet Partisans in Finnish Lapland (extremely graphic)

This page shows in graphic detail an atrocity committed by Soviet partisans who crossed the border into Finnish Lapland in 1944. The photos undoubtedly document an act of terrorism, which can be fairly classed as murder, with documented child victims. However, contrary to the mad ravings of the not-very-bright Jonnie Hargis, these photos were suppressed for six decades not by Zionists but by Finns, as shown here, because atrocities committed by both sides were too sensitive a topic to air publicly during the Cold War. Details of the events have been on-line for over a decade and can be found, for example, here and here. Horrific crimes by the Finns included mass starvation and shooting, such as shown here.

What these crimes show is something that should be obvious but which we occasionally have to restate: atrocities occurred in many places in World War II, committed by many sides, but those by the Nazis in the USSR were on a far larger scale, based upon systematic pre-invasion starvation and shooting planning, and designed to make vastly wider spaces available only to German settlement.


  1. Jonathan, only a slight note about this site EnglishRussia, although apparently the photos are authentic: this site is a little weird.

    Some Deniers years ago used photos of this site on the Waffen-SS volunteers to "prove" that Nazism wasn't Racist as the "Zionist War Propaganda" had claimed. Here's the link with the pics without good explanation:

    Aqui neste outro link, o site mostra que "soldados soviéticos se davam bem com soldados nazistas":

    Here in this other link the site claims that "Even when the whole Europe was occupied by the Nazis they were in friendly relations with Russians":

    "Friendly" even in war? Weird.

    I think there was another post with images allegedly forged by Soviet (success in neo-Nazi websites), but I'm not sure and I havent' found them.

  2. About link from Hargis forum (Codoh), the post is restricted to registered users:

    "The board requires you to be registered and logged in to view this forum."

    Thanks, Hargis. lol

  3. @Roberto Lucena: Hitler admired Muslims and Arabs, which explains the Arabian legions of the SS. These were novelty acts in the grand scheme of things.

    The use of Georgians and Armenians di not occur until there were manpower shortages and they were recruited out of Soviet POW's. Their German officers treated them pretty badly. The Vlasovites mutinied in Prague and a unit of Georgian conscripts mutinied in the Netherlands at the end of the war.

  4. Hargis has deleted the offending post but the cache can still be found by Googling the insane sentence, "That Zionists monitor wikis 24/7 for anything that speaks against their interests is well known."

  5. Jeff, until Russian volunteers (in large quantities) were used by the Waffen-SS, Russian dissidents (Russian Liberation Army), fact rarely mentioned.

    In fact most of the Far-Right groups in several countries, or in nations with dispute/issues on Allied countries, even if they don't fit into the Nazi "racial ideology" were eventually used in the Nazi war effort.

    This is one of Nazism ambiguities that neo-Nazi groups exploit because the issue is little known/debated.

  6. Roberto
    I understand, but the fact is that the ROA were treated pretty badly by their officers and were not used until manpower became an issue for the Germans. Same goes for the other conscripts.

    It was a different story for the Muslim volunteers who were a novelty act. Hitler admired Islam and had a close relationship with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

  7. Note that wikipedia wrongly captions one photograph as belonging to 1942; it should be 1944.


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