Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Satire on Auschwitz Commemoration

Today, the satirical section SPAM of the German magazine Der Spiegel has posted something on the approaching 70th anniversary commemoration of the liberation of the Auschwitz (27 January 1945) and the reported absence of the Russian president Putin.

Some extract:
"But they conceal the latest state of historical research. According to this, Moscow troops have not liberated Auschwitz 70 years ago, but - as you would expect from them - invaded and annexed it violating international law.


In fact, the capture of Auschwitz was part of a large-scale, completely unprovoked Moscow raid towards the west, which the Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenyuk recently aptly described in the following unforgettable words in
the ARD-Tagesthemen: "We all remember very well the Soviet invasion of the Ukraine and Germany".

On the other hand, the German President Gauck will of course be at the commemoration ceremony. After all, it were German soldiers who
heroicly threw themselves against the occupiers. In addition, Auschwitz and thus also all related festivities would never have been possible without Germany."
(my translation)

By the way, what seems like a another piece of satire is the webpage of the " committee" when they start with...

"We are made up of scientists, engineers, literary text experts, historical researchers, free-speech advocates, skeptics, and the just plain intellectually curious."
...just to come up with the Auschwitz gambit the 4 Million variant thoroughly debunked since 1 -2 decades. It turns out these guys are just the usual bloody serious Holocaust deniers.


  1. "One must not forget, he insisted, that upward of 2.5 million people were killed at Auschwitz."

    - Devin Pendas on lead prosecutor Hanns Grossmann's closing argument at the Auschwitz-Frankfurt trial, May 7, 1965.

    "It is known that a figure of some four million were killed by gassing in Auschwitz concentration camp,"

    - Gerald Draper (1958), interrogator of Rudolf Hoess whilst in British custody and also in Nuremberg (30.04.46, i.e. six days after Hoess dropped the death toll to 1.5m in the letter provided to G. Gilbert and kept secret until 1961)

  2. "It is not known exactly how many people were murdered in the Auschwitz gas chambers, but the estimates run around three and a half million."
    - Yehuda Bauer

    "Eventually, five gas chambers were built in Auschwitz-Birkenau. Between April 1942 and November 1944, in addition to the Soviet POWs, the gas extinguished the lives of probably up to 6,000 gypsies [in 1944], a few hundred more Soviet POWs, and between 1.5 million and 3.5 million Jews."
    - Yehuda Bauer

    "There were never four million victims in Auschwitz. ... The figure for Jews murdered by gassing is 1,323,000, ... Why then, one must ask, do some Poles disseminate the wrong figures? In my view, the answer is simple. In order to create a national myth,"
    - Yehuda Bauer

  3. "In Auschwitz, according to Hilberg, a million Jews perished, whereas, in fact the number of Jews destroyed there was a least twice as great.

    The sum total, Hilberg says, of Jews destroyed was 5,100,000 (pp. 639, 767). On what basis Hilberg casts doubt on the accepted minimum of 6,000,000—which is based on compilations made at a number of scientific institutes—is unknown to us. A man who had pored for 10 years over Nazi documents did not find it necessary to research this figure himself, but uncritically accepts the widely-doubted figure given by the English author Reitlinger, who also pored over Nazi documents but is far from accurate. Without any basis and for no reason at all, Hilberg reduced the actual total of Jewish victims."

    - Ber Mark, "Falsifying the Jewish Resistance", Jewish Currents (NY),
    April 1963, pp. 4-17 (quoted extract appears pp. 11-12)

  4. "Of the approximately 4 million people killed at Auschwitz a minimum of 2 million were Jews. All of them were citizens of various European countries, but they were killed as Jews."
    - Deborah Lipstadt

    "In the fall of 1944, Allied forces reached Maidanek and found the remains of 1.7 million Jews."
    - Deborah Lipstadt

    "The worst of all the camps ... Auschwitz ... a minimum of two million Jews had been killed there, as had as many as two million Soviet prisoners-of-war, Polish political prisoners, Gypsies, and non-Jews from all over Europe."
    - Sir Martin Gilbert

    "From the summer of 1942 onwards Auschwitz-Birkenau became the main destination of Jews from all over Europe. There alone, 3 - 4 million people were put to death"
    - Jeremy Noakes

    "In Auschwitz alone the Nazis liquidated unknown millions, maybe 4,000,000 innocents, mostly Jews. They may even have eliminated perhaps 4,500,000."
    - Rudolf Rummel

    "Western scholars have never supported the figure of 4 million deaths at Auschwitz;"
    - ADL's Responses to common Holocaust-denial claims

  5. "The majority of the 4,000,000 killed there were Jews, but other nations as well saw in Auschwitz their common grave."

    - "Book of Auschwitz 'Men and Ashes'" by Haya Grossman, Vad Washem Bulletin, July 1958, no. 3, p.30.

  6. "He (Dr. Grabczynski, witness for Wladislaw Dering) also agreed (with Lord Gardiner, Leon Uris' barrister) that he knew that something like two-and-a-half million people had been murdered in the (Auschwitz-Birkenau) gas chambers;"

    - M.M. Hill and L. N. Williams on the cross examination in the British High Court

  7. Nothing but spam and appeals to authority. It looks like Dumbass's brain is still melted down after he humiliated himself in the last thread he showed himself. Bauer was actually proven right: the Poles (and the Soviets) did create a national myth. Too stupid to make his own arguments and spamming the same old shit over and over.

    - "However, employing rectified coefficients for the part-time use of the crematorium ovens and for the periods when they stood empty, the technical expert commission has ascertained that during the period of time that the Auschwitz Camp existed the German butchers exterminated in this camp not less than 4 million citizens of the U.S.S.R., Poland, France, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Holland, Belgium, and other countries." -

    The 4 million number was never intended to refer to Jews only. So what if some people misunderstood? Real history isn't religion where people aren't allowed to change their minds. That's "Revisionism", as evidenced by dumbass trying to pass of statements by people who clearly didn't know any better as absolute fact. That's how the historical process works: something is misunderstood, people take a closer look and the misunderstanding is corrected.

    Dumbass has no understanding of how science works.

    I keep telling him not to think, but he keeps on insisting on thinking. Even if it's clear that he can't do it. Poor thing.


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