Sunday, September 07, 2014

Gassing in animal shelters

This is currently a topic that causes controversy in debates concerning animal rights and the suffering of animals during euthanasia. However, I introduce it here to show that death is caused by lack of oxygen not by poisoning. An article from 2005 states:
From start to finish, the process of gassing an animal takes about 25 minutes. One or more animals are placed in an airtight chamber, and a high concentration of bottled carbon monoxide gas is released.

Cats and dogs are rendered unconscious within a minute, then eventually die from lack of oxygen.
I am grateful to posters at this AHF thread for the heads-up.

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  1. Ahem ? "I... show that death is caused by lack of oxygen not by poisoning." That is an interesting point of view that shows your philosophical approach to things.
    You close in on them from a certain direction.
    Carbon Monoxide adheres to the hemoglobin of the blood about 300 times better than Oxygen does, so in effect the exclusion of oxygen IS what one would call the poisoning effect.
    Your sentence above, the way it is, furthers no sensible conclusions, but rather serves to confuse the uninitiated - which is actually symptomatic for this entire blog.
    Why doesn't that surprise me ?


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