Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mattogno: Conclusion

Our White Paper obliged Mattogno to discuss sources that he usually prefers to ignore. When confronted with chains of documents that refer to extermination we can see him resort repeatedly to a set of tricks. Those identified above include:

1) Stating that the use of an exterminatory term was rhetorical or hyperbolic

2) Stating that a proposal was only hypothetical, or the opinion of one person

3) False emphasis on a non-operative part of a phrase

4) Misleading and perverse reading of a phrase, such as "if released."

5) Omission of key words, phrases and passages from his interpretation of a document

6) Misrepresenting an entire chain of documents

7) Deflection of attention on to a red herring.

8) Demanding an unreasonable degree of precision

9) Setting false goalposts

10) Failing to properly account for German motives, in cases such as sterilization, mass shooting, and the deportation of children.

These tricks are too systematic to merely result from error or unintended bias. They are a deliberate strategy to falsify the historical record of exterminatory Nazi Judenpolitik.

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