Saturday, September 28, 2013

Jürgen Graf at his best

When I looked into my mailbox yesterday night, I found an e-mail from Jürgen Graf sent last Wednesday, touting the imminent publication of MGK’s repeatedly delayed response ([large PDF]) to our paper Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka. Holocaust Denial and Operation Reinhard. A Critique of the Falsehoods of Mattogno, Graf and Kues.

This e-mail will be transcribed and translated hereinafter, for what I think it reveals about Graf’s mind and character and about the expectable contents of a publication co-authored by this gentleman.

The message reads as follows:

Lieber Esel Muehlenkamp,

In einer Woche ist er endlich da, der Tag, dem Sie und die anderen vier Esel seit 21 Monaten mit so unbändiger Freude entgegenfiebern - der Tag, an dem ihr fünf Esel in Unterhosen dasteht!

Unsere Anweisungen an Sie lauten nun wie folgt:

Sobald unsere Antwort erschienen ist, fressen Sie zuerst ein Kilo Psychopharmaka und giessen sich eine Flasche Whisky hinter die Binde. Dann lesen Sie den Text. Anschliessend fressen Sie abermals ein Kilo Psychopharmaka, giessen sich eine weitere Flasche Whisky hinter die Binde und lecken Ihre Wunden. Als nächstes setzen Sie sich mit den anderen vier Eseln in Verbindung, rufen diesen ein ermunterndes I-ah zu und machen sich gemeinsam mit ihnen an das nächste Pamphlet. Titel: “The new falsehoods of Mattogno, Graf and Kues”. Nur schade, dass diesen Text – von Euch fünf Eseln natürlich abgesehen – niemand mehr lesen wird.

Im übrigen ist dies die zweitletzte Mitteilung, die Sie in Ihrem elenden, erbärmlichen, verkrachten Leben von mir erhalten. Ich habe nämlich Besseres zu tun, als meine Zeit an einen komplett vertrottelten, manisch-depressiven alten Esel wie Sie zu verschwenden. Die letzte Meldung wird unter dem Motto stehen: “Wer den Schaden hat, braucht für den Spott nicht zu sorgen.”

Mit freundlichen Grüssen auch an die anderen vier Esel

Jürgen Graf

My translation:
Dear donkey Muehlenkamp,

In a week from now it will finally be there, the day that you and the other four donkeys have been anticipating with boisterous joy since 21 months ago – the day on which you five donkeys will be standing there in your underwear!

Our instructions to you are now the following:

As soon as our answer has appeared, you first gorge a kilo of psychotropic drugs and knock back a bottle of whiskey. Then you read the text. Then you gorge another kilo of psychotropic drugs, knock back another bottle of whiskey and lick your wounds. Next you contact the other four donkeys, give them an encouraging "I-ah" and together with them prepare the next pamphlet. Title: "The new falsehoods of Mattogno, Graf and Kues". Pity that this text – apart from you five donkeys, of course – won’t be read by anyone.

That aside, this is the last message before one that your receive from me in your miserable, sordid, messed-up life. For I have better things to do than waste my time on a completely sappy, manic-depressive old donkey like you. The last message will go under the motto: "The laugh is always on the loser.”

With best regards, also to the other four donkeys

Jürgen Graf

I guess this was supposed to put me down, but the effect was rather one of amusement, and of pity for the silly, small-minded and vindictive individual, who provided another instructive self-portrayal with this compendium of invective. My response to Graf was the following (slightly edited to embed the links):
Bravo, Jürgen!

That was a glorious shot in your own foot, of the kind that I expect "Holocaust Handbooks, Volume 28" to be full of.

As you mentioned whiskey in your hysterical tirade, I at first thought that you had just been on a drinking binge before firing off this junk. But then I read the "Introduction" and "Epilogue" of the 1533-page opus put together by you and your companions, and concluded that you have more serious problems. I especially enjoyed the "Lilliputians" straw-man on page 15 (perhaps inspired by your colleague "Thomas Dalton, PhD", who produced a similar remark commented in my blog "Thomas Dalton responds to Roberto Muehlenkamp and Andrew Mathis (4)" , and the hilarious gullibility of supposedly skeptical "Revisionists" in falling for the mendacious smear against three HC bloggers by a certain obsessed sociopath (commented i.a. on the Skeptic Society Forum’s thread "A side note"). And, of course, this bitching about my humble person in the "Epilogue":

"However, the most preposterous chapters of the pamphlet are undoubtedly the two last ones, written by Yahweh’s moron Roberto Muehlenkamp, who unsuccessfully tried to prove that during World War II the eternal laws of nature had to pause so that the evil Nazis could carry out their massacre in chemical slaughterhouses and get rid of the bodies without significant use of fuel. The more I read of Muehlenkamp, the more I am amazed at the dismal stupidity of this individual. He knew exactly that Mattogno, who has an encyclopedic knowledge of all problems related to cremation, would react to his challenge and make mincemeat of his chapters, to use Romanov’s poetic formulation for the last time. Is Muehlenkamp perhaps a masochist? Does he relish the role of the circus clown who is pelted with eggs to the roaring laughter of the audience? Now he has egg all over his face. I do not feel a bit sorry for him because he asked for it."

I don’t know and neither care to know what tendencies and habits of yours you are projecting here. That’s your problem.

But your braggadocio about Mattogno’s "encyclopedic knowledge of all problems related to cremation" and how he supposedly made "mincemeat" of my arguments (Sergey’s comment to the blog "That's why it is denial, not revisionism. Part VIII: The Simferopol Massacres" must have hit a particularly raw nerve) gave me a good laugh, especially as Mattogno tried that before and had his attempt duly thrashed in a series of blogs starting with one of 24 May 2009 and ending with one of 31 July 2009, which are largely about cremation issues . Both on this occasion and while writing the blog series "Mattogno, Graf & Kues on Aktion Reinhard(t) Cremation (1)", which was the basis for chapter 8 of the critique, Mattogno’s "encyclopedic knowledge" failed to make an impression on a mere amateur in the field like myself. I don’t expect Mattogno’s latest production to be much better, and your braggadocio suggests an attempt to disguise the failure of another of Mattogno’s valiant efforts.

This braggadocio and your notoriously self-projecting and dishonest accusations ("if they had formulated their critique in a civilized way and refrained from cheating", "their impertinent tone and their countless brazen distortions and outright lies", etc.), the use of invective such as "madman", "clown" and "moron", and the open disclosure of your agenda with your "Nessus shirt of international Jewry" "Yahweh’s greenhorn" and "Yahweh’s moron" rhetoric, makes me wonder who outside your community of fellow Jew-haters and/or admirers of Nazi Germany you expect your writings to appeal to. What do you expect anyone who is not already a devout follower of the "Revisionist" religion to make of such garbage?

I take that you have long given up on making "Revisionism" look like a reasonable alternative to what "Revisionists" call "orthodox" historiography, and are aware that you will be forever reduced to fishing for the applause of frustrated individuals who share your resentments and ideological convictions.

Now, if you don’t mind, I’ll introduce the festivities on HC by blogging the above and my translation of your "Lieber Esel" message. And then I may start reading the latest product of Mattogno’s "encyclopedic knowledge". If it’s as full of amusing trash as your aforementioned contributions, there’s a chance that it won’t bore me to sleep.


Roberto Muehlenkamp

PS: If you can "easily prove that Bełżec, Sobibór and Treblinka were transit camps", as you claim in the "Epilogue", you might want to take my "Challenge to Supporters of the Revisionist Transit Camp Theory". With 1,274,166 Jews "transited" through those camps in 1942 alone, names should be all over the place.

I’m looking forward to Graf’s "last" message, which I trust will be as revealing as the one published in this blog.


  1. If anybody were still needing a proof for Graf's poor character, he has delivered it.

    Thanks for sharing, Roberto.

  2. Bravo Mr. Graf! Roberto has obviously listened to the advice given by Mr. Graf - to consume large amounts of psychotropic drugs and alcohol.

    The ego of this poor, poor donkey (Muehlenkamp) cannot be exceeded by anybody with a sane mind.

    I am very glad to hear MGK won't be wasting away precious time on these malicious individuals in the future, in particular with the resident HC-lunatic Roberto Muehlenkamp.

    Sorry to be using such hard language. I say the same as Graf; had these individuals been civilized to myself, I too would answer them in a more civil tone.

    Roberto Muehlenkamp:

    Please promise as a consequence of this new, highly devastating paper for your cause, that you will not end your pitiful, wretched life. Do keep in mind; there were other HC-members - from the now olden times - who are officially...out of commission...and they sought help.
    For one of them it did very little, but at least he had the nuts to admit he suffered serious issues.

    You deny even your own diagnoses.

    Bye bye!

  3. «If anybody were still needing a proof for Graf's poor character, he has delivered it.

    Thanks for sharing, Roberto.»

    I'm glad you liked it, and I'm also glad that our old friend "Franz" joined in to reinforce my my point:

    «I take that you have long given up on making "Revisionism" look like a reasonable alternative to what "Revisionists" call "orthodox" historiography, and are aware that you will be forever reduced to fishing for the applause of frustrated individuals who share your resentments and ideological convictions.»

    In this sense, I'm looking forward to "Franz"'s next rant.

  4. How was my previous comment in any manner 'aggressive' (that is the main ingredient in a rant, for the most part)?

  5. Can't wait to read your point by point deconstruction of MGK's lame rebuttal to your white paper...sounds like a desperate attempt to pre-empt what will undoubtedly be a worthless and hateful document.... and interestingly Jonathan Andersson, aka, "Franz" is back with his lame inferiority complex calling people 'donkeys'. Can't wait to read the hateful and ignorant diatribes of a failed coder/self-educated "historian", who is clearly obsessed with drugs! LOL! what a joke!


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