Thursday, March 07, 2013

Charles Krafft

Now that his denier status is common knowledge, we can talk about Krafft without being accused of trying to 'out' the deluded Seattle artist. Today I will limit myself to the observations that Krafft has been a CODOH member since 2003, has a joke entity called The Society for a Five Minute Moratorium on Holocaust Hubub (see his post on this page), and has recently been collaborating with some despicable Nazi creatures, most notably here with Carolyn Yeager, whose most recent efforts include eulogies to Streicher and shows advocating Sandy Hook denial. His Youtube account, under the old RODOH pseudonym whodareswings, also has some dubious antisemitic ravings. I wouldn't want to ban Charles or his art but I would hope now that no sane person will wish to buy it, knowing that the man's Nazi fetish is genuine and steeped in hostility towards Jews.


  1. Thanks, didn't know about this until now, will definitely buy his art.

    If Harrison doesn't like it, then it surely must be good!


  2. After being outed as what he was, C. Krafft bounced between angry defensiveness and hormonal whining about how mean the Establishment and certain people (all of whom seemed to share one religion) were to him. He got some fawning from Nazi trash like Greg Johnson in the late 2010's, but then got stricken with brain cancer and broke down for two years before dying in 2020. The picture of his death-head basically looks like an ugly softball. He isn't missed.


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