Wednesday, May 09, 2012

A message to Friedrich Paul Berg ...

... was sent out by e-mail a short time ago.

As I received two failure notices, I'm publishing the message right away, as sent after the second failure notice, trusting that Fredo or some of his friends look up the HC blog site.

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Guadalupe Salcedo
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Message flagged Wednesday, May 9, 2012 12:18 PM

PS: You seem to have a problem with your e-mail account, because I received a failure message. I'm trying again.

Hi Fredo,

I was informed that you wrote the stuff quoted below on the "CODOH Revisionist Forum":

by Friedrich Paul Berg » Mon May 07, 2012 12:39 pm Roberto Muehlenkamp and I had agreed to debate some time ago but the project fell apart when I left it to Muehlenkamp to arrange the actual debate. I have not contacted him since about any debate. I do not even have his email address but he can certainly reach me easily enough at and we can then probably have a radio debate on the Spingola show in late June.

As to Nick Terry, he and I can debate also but I do not have his email address either.

The great outcome of debates on the radio or on the internet is that we can all learn in the process. I learned a lot from my debates on RODOH and CODOH and elsewhere over many years. When people refuse to debate, I think it also means they are too proud and arrogant to admit they can still learn anything--they know it all already.

I don't remember your having left it to me to "arrange the actual debate" let alone my having accepted to take care of such arrangement. While I don't mind having a radio debate with you, it is you who issued the "challenge" to such debate, and thus you are the one in charge of "arranging the actual debate". I presume I said that much last time we talked about such debate, but as I did so on the RODOH forum and the RODOH forum is gone (Yuku deleted it, apparently because some of your brothers-in-spirit overdid their racist/anti-Semitic crap), I cannot prove now that you're lying again.

As to your not having my e-mail address, you have only your own laziness to blame. If you had done some googling you'd know that my e-mail address is public and can be reached via my blogger profile (

Now to the debate on the Spignola show: fine with me provided that we can talk on Skype (like when Kevin Barrett interviewed first Mr. "Thomas Dalton" and then Andrew Mathis and me on his radio show, see the blog under ) and at a time that takes into consideration the time differences between the US and Portugal. It's eight hours later here than in Scottsdale, Arizona, and I don't intend to stay up beyond midnight on weekdays because of such debate or talk to you at two, three or four in the morning on a Friday or Saturday night instead of doing more interesting things. But I trust that if Kevin Barrett could arrange a Skype conversation at an acceptable time, so can Spinola.

Bearing in mind these pre-conditions, please let me know about the exact date, time and other particulars of the debate.

Unfortunately I cannot publish this message on the "CODOH Revisionist Forum", whose moderator is so afraid of me that he banned me from that lovely place (after retaining or deleting quite a few of my inconvenient posts) last time I showed up there. But I trust you will do that for me, as I count on you to publish this reply (verbatim) on your "nazigassings" website, on the page and wherever else you have mentioned my name. I shall publish this message on the Holocaust Controversies blogsite.

I look forward to hearing from you, Fredo.

Best regards,

Roberto Muehlenkamp

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