Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mattogno's Fatal Concession: The Killing of Tubercular Poles

Mattogno makes this concession regarding tubercular Poles:
On May 1st, 1942 (NO-246), Gauleiter Greiser proposed to Himmler to kill them. [MGK, Sobibór, p.280 n.850].
This is fatal for Mattogno because those killings were referred to as Sonderbehandlung by Greiser, Himmler, Koppe and Blome in the chain of documents shown here and because Greiser had used Sonderbehandlung in NO-246 to refer to "100,000 Jews in the area of my Gau." Slam, dunk.


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  2. The second page of NO-246 is one the laziest forgeries even presented at Nuremberg - they even chopped the signature off.

    The first page is genuine. It is pretty obvious if you read here

  3. Izzat you Bunny?

    Only impostor I've ever heard of at Nuremberg was Francis P. Yockey...

    Just sayin'.


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