Thursday, September 22, 2011

Trying to contact Winicjusz Natoniewski

In the blog A Polish victim of Nazi crimes, I translated a German news article about Polish citizen Winicjusz Natoniewski, who sued the German Federal Republic on account of severe burns he suffered when German forces torched the village of Szczecyn on 2 February 1944 and killed hundreds of its inhabitants.

My blog caught the interest of a lady who sent me the message transcribed hereafter at her request:

Dear Mr. Roberto Muehlenkamp,

I read the article about Winicjusz Natoniewski that you posted and was touched deeply. My Grandfather is Frank Natoniewski, his brothers Joseph, Stanley and Pawel came to America abt 1912
and lived in Depew, New York and Buffalo, New York. Grandfather Frank married Victoria Szoldra in 1915 and settled in Saginaw, Michigan. May also have brothers Thomas ,Felixand John
..Parents names Bartholomew Natoniewski and Petrolina or Katherine Zolkowski..

I don't speak or write polish and would like to write Winicjusz. Could You please forward this e mail to him or let me know how to contact him or his family

Readers who know Winicjusz Natoniewski's address, or can otherwise help this lady (whose name and address I know) to get in touch with him, are hereby requested to write to my e-mail address: .


  1. Roberto, this story appeared on the, link
    Polish war victim sues Germany

    Look for this man from the news of the, Roman Nowosielski:
    "but a Polish legal expert, Roman Nowosielski, insists that the collective punishment at Szczecyn was a crime against humanity"
    I think this is him

    Contact him, he probably knows something about Mr. Natoniewski.

  2. Other option is to send an e-mail to the Spiegel's newsroom(and to the's newsroom too) wondering about Mr. Natoniewski.

  3. contact:
    Telegraph Media Group

    Spiegel contact:
    Brandstwiete 19, 20457 Hamburg, Tel. 040/38080-0
    direct contact link(in german)
    Info from here: spiegelinternacional Facebook info


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