Sunday, June 05, 2011

Kues Lies About Segregation of Sobibor Workers

Kues states:
The Jewish work commando(s) employed in Lager III were likewise kept separated from the rest of the prisoner population and never entered the other Lagers.
However, on page 80 footnote 171 of Sobibór: Holocaust Propaganda and Reality, Kues relies on Engel's testimony that prisoners from Camp III "came sometimes over to our Lager to bring clothes and things like that." Furthermore, the previous page quotes Freiberg's testimony showing how prisoners gained knowledge of extermination from "Prisoners in the forest" who heard "voices of people burying the corpses". Kues is therefore simply making statements against better knowledge (from testimonies he himself has relied upon) regarding the prisoners' access to sensory information. Such information was obviously incomplete regarding detail (how could it be otherwise?) but sufficient to be sure people were being killed.

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