Thursday, June 02, 2011

A Further Deception About the Sobibor Revolt

Page 93 of Sobibór: Holocaust Propaganda and Reality [hereafter 'Sobibor'] claims that some Jews returned voluntarily to the camp after the revolt, and that this disproves extermination. The claim has actually been recycled from this earlier Kues piece even though I had already shown the dishonesty of the claim here. Roberto's citation of the Benda Report has highlighted another reason why the claim is dishonest. The report states:
it was decided that the Wehrmacht should take immediate responsibility for pursuing the fugitives, and the Schutzpolizei for securing the camp from the outside.
How would Jews have returned to the camp given that Schutzpolizei were patrolling it? Furthermore, page 121 of 'Sobibor' accepts that up to 420 Jews were shot after the revolt and may be buried at Sobibor. MGK thus concede that escapees did indeed face the probability of death, so their gullibility regarding Jews returning voluntarily to face such death is all the more insincere.

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