Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nazi Propaganda Film from the Warsaw Ghetto (Revised and Updated Article)

A Nazi film crew, led by Willy Wist, shot over an hour of footage for a propaganda film in the Warsaw ghetto in May 1942. A summary of the scenes they filmed can be found here, along with Jonas Turkow's eyewitness account (from 1948) of why the film was shot. Out-takes from that film were found by Adrian Wood in 1998 and have been collated, along with the formal footage, into a documentary entitled A Film Unfinished. The documentary intersperses the footage with diary entries, such as those of Czerniakow and Lewin, which describe the staging and shooting of the film. It also re-enacts Wist's testimony from war crimes proceedings.

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  1. I saw a documentary about this movie on netflix. It was interesting to see how the Nazi's would stage events to appear as "news". I am film maker from Oklahoma. I am currently in pre-production on a holocaust film. We are needing support to get this film off the ground.


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