Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another Distortion by Kues

Nuremberg document 3428-PS shows that only 8,600 Jews were counted by the Nazis in Minsk after the killings of July 1942. Kues wishes to neutralize this document, to pretend that the Minsk Jewish population was far higher at that time, so here he has claimed that:
In one of Gerlach's footnotes we learn that, according to a testimony left by a German official named Erich Isselhorst in 1945, the number of Jews deported from Minsk and Baranovichi to Lublin between August and October 1943 had amounted to 12-13,000.
However, Gerlach's footnote states that this testimony "gemeint war wohl Lida" instead of Baranovichi, and thus refers partially to deportations from Lida as well as Minsk. Kues must be aware of this correction by Gerlach but has suppressed it. The Lida deportation, which Kues has cited elsewhere, would thus make a significant reduction in the figure for Minsk alone.


  1. Hi, Jonathan.

    I suppose, you meant "Kues must be aware of this correction by Gerlach" in your last but one sentence?

  2. Jon, I've taken the liberty of correcting what Dmitry pointed out and also changing the labels (Kues is labeled as "Thomas Kues" so you need that label to connect this blogs to blogs discussing other Kuesian falsehoods).

  3. Thanks. I should add that Lida had 7,500 Jews on 13.7.43 and Minsk had 8,500 (NO-1831; Arad, Ghetto In Flames, p.402) making 16,000 for White Ruthenia as a whole. Thus there could well have been 13,000 deportees from White Ruthenia and 3,000 left over in the ghetto afterwards. Kues has simply crammed this 13,000 falsely into Minsk alone.


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