Monday, January 24, 2011

Thomas Kues: Mass Grave in Latvia

Revisionist fans of Thomas Kues will be distressed to learn that he has acknowledged the existence of a Jewish mass grave in Latvia. In this article he cites the following from Bernhard Press, The Holocaust in Latvia, p.159, describing a mass grave found by M. Morein in 1946:
(…) while looking for the corpses of his parents in 1946 near the village of Kukas near Krustpils, [Morein] discovered in a mass grave corpses whose clothes bore French labels
Kues would like his readers to believe that these were French Jews deported to the Baltic region after 1941. (He does not explain how the deaths of these Jews would support his thesis that French Jews were not being subjected to an extermination policy). However, Kues overlooks the fact that page 49 of the same book by Press cites a massacre of Jews from 1941 in the location of that grave:
At that time, all the Jews of Viesite, together with those of Jekabpils (Jakobstadt) and Nereta, were murdered by an execution squad of the Perkonkrusts in the village of Kukas
Jekabpils was situated next to Krustpils (the towns were merged in 1962) so the Kukas action is clearly the same as that which produced the grave found by Morein in Kukas in 1946. The present location of the grave is described at this website, which provides the following account:
The cemetery contains marked mass graves and a memorial monument to the Holocaust victims. Burials at this Cemetery are indexed. The registry is located at the office of the chairman of Jekabpils Jewish community. This [is] the only Jewish cemetery which emerged in Latvia after the Second World War. In the 1950's, the old Jewish Cemetery in Krustpils (founded in the early 19th century) was liquidated, and the tombstones were transported to Asote and arranged in rows on the border of the cemetery. In 1958, the remains of Jews from Krustpils and Plavinas, killed in 1941, were reburied at this cemetery. A year later, a monument was erected.
Thus the bodies found by Morein were killed in 1941 and are located today at Asote.

Kues could have saved himself immense embarrassment by checking his own source. Instead, he has shot his revisionist friends in both feet by acknowledging a mass grave that forms part of the proof of the 1941 genocide in Latvia.


  1. Great text, Jonathan, thank you.

    It's just another future translation to portuguese for the Latvia Holocaust series at holocausto-doc blog.

    I've recently translated your text about Kruk's diaries and "revi" Kues' dishonesty.

    It's unbelievable but we've had got trouble with brazilian "revisionists" offensive (amazing, but these people exist...) offensive talking about issues as Holodomor x Holocaust(there are few good texts about Holodomor on internet), the hoaxer Suvorov and his "revisionism" about the Barbarossa and nazi offensive against USSR, and finally the issue about bombing of Guernica denial(this denial has got origin from Spanish Far-right Wing).

  2. Well, I just want to know if you've got(or someone else in Holocaust Controversies group)this book:
    Author: Raymond Proctor
    Book: Hitler’s Luftwaffe in the Spanish Civil War

    The denial text about the bombing of Guernica cites this book and his author, I think this claim is totally false(like "revisionists" ever do), but I ain't got this book to check it.

    If has someone this book and it could scan the page about Guernica I'd really appreciate it. I put this same issue at the HC forum on Facebook. Thanks for your attention.

  3. Roberto,

    Thanks for your comments. I don't have the Proctor book, but you may like to know that Kues tried to recruit Brazilian Holocaust deniers. See:

  4. Jonathan, anyway, thank you for the attention.

    About the Kues' convocation of brazilian deniers I know something about a brazilian "revisionist" who knows so much about this case G. Wagner.

    Kues would rech orgasm if he knew about this guy, lol. I'm gonna tell Roberto M. later something about this history.

    It's good to know that Kues is a White Supremacist, a.k.a. White Power boy "Sieg Heil!", the real face of Holocaust Denial.

  5. You folks sure are fast to impute impure motives to your opponents.

    Couldn't you just argue (what you take to be) facts, and skip the ad hominem stuff? It would spare those of us seeking information a good deal of trouble.

    Or are you trying to get attention away from facts?

  6. So instead of dealing with any of the facts presented in the blog which show Kues' dishonesty (which you suggest aren't true, but alas ignore), you focus on one part of a comment by a reader?

  7. "Couldn't you just argue (what you take to be) facts, and skip the ad hominem stuff? It would spare those of us seeking information a good deal of trouble."

    Ad hominen? To say that Kues distorts it's a conclusion, it's not ad hominen.

    Kues says it too(link above posted for Jonathan):

    "I would also appreciate links to any webforums, websites and electronic newsletters directed at Brazil citizens with interest in Holocaust revisionism, "white nationalism" or the Brazil-German community."

    Interest in "White nationalism" in the biggest White Power and neo-nazi site? ...

    Is this "ad hominen"? I think that is just a conclusion.

    That's the facts.


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