Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kues' Dishonesty About Kruk

Thomas Kues cites this diary entry by Kruk concerning Minsk:
In the Minsk Ghetto, 3,000 - 4,000 Jews now live. Next to the ghetto is another ghetto. In the first ghetto are Russian Jews from Minsk, Slutsk, Baranovitsh, etc. In the second, there are altogether 1,500 German and Czech Jews.
Kues claims that "Kruk knew this information from two individuals who had recently been to Minsk." However, Kruk (p.570) writes of these two individuals that:
Both leave and come back with...nothing. In Minsk they were not allowed into the ghetto and first of all they were told they were not permitted to talk to anyone.
Kruk's report of their 'findings' is clearly presented in this context, which Kues omits. Kues does not tell his readers that the visit was done under Gestapo supervision. Given that Kues is willing to resort to such obvious and deliberate deceit, where does this leave his reputation?

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