Monday, November 22, 2010

Dalton's Antisemitism

Dalton's misrepresentation of Goebbels' diaries has been discussed by Roberto here. I would like to highlight a revealing expression of Dalton's antisemitism that appears towards the end of this article. Dalton quotes this late remark by Goebbels:
Typically, having committed the most terrible crimes against mankind, the Jews would now like mankind to be forbidden even to think about them.
Dalton not only passes over the meaning of this Goebbels statement in relation to extermination (how would the Nazis have dealt with a people who they believed had "committed the most terrible crimes against mankind" except to kill them?), but he then comments that "Indeed, we are still forbidden to think of such things, even 65 years later." Dalton would like his readers to know that such thoughts are reasonable, in his opinion, whilst at the same time being blind to the historical relationship between such Nazi thoughts and their resultant actions. Of course, no government can, or should be allowed to, stop Dalton having stupid, hateful, antisemitic thoughts, but Dalton cannot be expected to be taken seriously when those thoughts cause him to lie about Goebbels and his diaries.


  1. Note also the absurdity of using Goebbels to make a free speech argument.

  2. One can only wonder if Dalton isn't really just another invention by David Irving.


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