Wednesday, April 21, 2010

An invitation to Mr. "Thomas Dalton"

Somewhere in the CODOH Cesspit, as I was just informed, one finds the claim of one Kevin Barret whereby he invited me to a debate with one of my minor customers (minor because I consider him essentially a parrot of more capable "Revisionist" charlatans like Carlo Mattogno, who I accordingly dedicate more attention to), Mr. "Thomas Dalton".

Said claim, as I was informed, reads as follows (emphasis added):

I will be interviewing Thomas Dalton, author of Debating the Holocaust: A New Look at Both Sides this Saturday, April 24th, 5-6 pm Central, on AmericanFreedomRadio (to be archived here for free on-demand listening). I am still looking for a mainstream Holocaust expert to refute him during the second hour. Over the past few months I have invited Deborah Lipstadt, Michael Shermer, John Zimmerman--the three most prominent critics of the "Holocaust deniers" -- as well as many dozens of professors from several of the leading Holocaust and Genocide Studies and Jewish Studies programs. While I have received a few cordial refusals, notably from Shermer and Lipstadt, the vast majority of the academic "experts" have refused to has anti-revisionist blogger Muehlenkamp. I will be publishing my email to these experts in a later blog. Meanwhile, I am worrying about how to fill the second hour of the show. If you know any Holocaust experts who dare to defend the conventional wisdom, please have them contact me: kbarrett*AT* Otherwise I will just have to keep Dalton on for the second hour to respond to callers, many of whom, I hope, will critique his interpretations. a free speech absolutist and a card-carrying non-coward, I am disgusted by the fear that surrounds this topic--not to mention the criminal sanctions. Below is my letter to West German Chancellor Andrea Merkel offering to turn myself in for beginning to doubt the standard six-million-Jewish-victim figure.

I frankly don't remember having received an e-mail message from Mr. Barret, though I don't exclude the possibility of having inadvertently deleted something I thought to be more of the usual publicity or other spam, as I had not heard of Mr. Barret until today.

As to debating with Mr. "Dalton", I have no problem with that, though I'm not sure about the technical feasibility of my participating in a US radio debate from Portugal, where I live. The Usenet or a web forum might be a better suggestion, also because a debate there would not be limited in time but could go on for as long as Mr. "Dalton" and I want it to.

It wouldn't be the first time I exchange arguments with Mr. "Dalton", as is known to readers of the blogs labeled "Dalton" on this blog spot. Our last conversation, if I remember correctly, ended after I showed that he had falsely claimed to be to Professor Thomas Dalton of Eller College of Management, University of Arizona. However, we can continue whenever Mr. "Dalton" is ready, on the Usenet or on any internet venue of his choice, in the latter case provided that I have access to that venue (which rules out the "CODOH Revisionist Forum") and we can exchange messages freely, without the intervention of any censoring moderator.

My suggestions would be either the RODOH forum or the Vanguard News Network Forum, where I debated Mr. "Dalton"'s brother-in-spirit Greg Gerdes and other "White" characters over more than 100 pages on the thread Archeological Investigations of Treblinka. But I'm open to any other venue of Mr. "Dalton"'s preference, access and the possibility of open debate provided.

I look forward to hearing from Mr. "Dalton".

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  1. 1) Barrett got Merkel's Christian name wrong.

    2) Dalton is using a fake ID but he wants a real person to debate him...

    3) Dalton had the opportunity to participate in a properly sourced, academically formatted, Aktion Reinhard debate with us last year, as did Luca and his other chums. They declined.

    A radio discussion, by nature of the short 'soundbite' structure, would be vastly inferior in factual content to a paper or on-line debate in which full sourcing can be presented.


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