Friday, March 12, 2010

More West German Trials That Do Not Fit the Denier Script

Bartov provides this excellent account of the trials of Köllner and Thomanek, who committed atrocities in ghettos and labour camps in the area of Polizei Sipo Czortków, located in the Galician district of Tarnopol. Two points should be noted. Firstly, although Köllner andThomanek were given life sentences, Sipo commander Peckmann was acquitted. Secondly, the treatment of witness testimony was rigorous and strict. The judgment against Köllner stated:
The judgment was based only on witness testimonies in which errors caused by flawed observation or flawed memory as well as untrue statements could be ruled out with certainty.
These features cannot be reconciled by the paranoid ramblings of denier legalism.

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  1. Well of course puppet government, kangaroo court propoganda has to sound impartial and fair. That proves it wasn't! ;)


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