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CODOH's "Inconvenient History" blog - just another antisemitic outlet

From the "Purpose" page of the blog in question:
In discussing the controversial issues brought forth by historical revisionism, we will always strive to take the moral high ground. This means that we will abstain from ad hominem attacks and other forms of unfair argumentation. Rather than involving ourselves in polemics, we will calmly present our arguments and then let the facts speak for themselves.
From Carolyn Yeager's critique of Irene Zisblatt from that same blog, which the IC team is "proud to present":
Middle school, the two to three years between grade school and high school, is when Holocaust studies are most heavily force-fed to American school children because of laws passed in many state legislatures by craven politicians hungry for Jewish votes and money, or fearful of Jewish media power.
Who's Carolyn Yeager?
Here's some info from her old website "".

From "About me" page:
So between the dishonest Jews who cheated him and the Negroes who stole from him, it’s understandable that my father called his fellow German-Americans, along with the farmers and trades people who were his loyal customers, “the salt of the earth.”


As an adult, and a typical female, I was sympathetic to the plight of the coloreds in their search for “justice” and civil rights as portrayed by the news media. I continued to read liberal magazines and authors and believed there was only one point of view on most issues worthy of a decent person — the liberal view.

So how did I change from that into what I am now — a White Nationalist and even a National Socialist? Well, first, the passage of time and seeing what kind of world liberalism has brought us. More specifically, I think it began with reading “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin in 1997. This book made a strong impression on me. I was shocked to learn the truth about fiat money, and the final astounding takeover of our national treasury and monetary system by (mostly) Jewish and foreign bankers through the fraudulent institution of the Federal Reserve System in 1913.


Soon I was into conspiracy theories of all kinds, finding there was solid basis for them and that Jews were usually involved. Once I let go my fear of being labeled an anti-Semite, many things meshed in my mind and I felt tremendously freed. While 9/11 remained the major focus in the beginning, the “Holocaust”, World War 2, Freemasonry, the United Nations and even the Apollo Moon Landing were topics I read about and discussed on internet forums. I became comfortable with racialist thinking, realizing that multiculturalism and multiracialism were part of the Globalist-Jewish-Communist-Corporatist plan to control all the world’s resources, including its people. Finally, I was drawn to National Socialism as a viable alternative, learning about its true nature as opposed to the lies I had been taught. It felt very good, as if I had come home to my true German roots and what was authentic in my Self.
From her "National Socialism" page:
National Socialism

The best political philosophy ever devised.
From "Other articles" section:
White Racial Extinction
By Joseph Bishop

This and the following article were the result of Joe Bishop reading my article The Importance of Choosing your Mate and wanting to enlarge on the topic “from a man’s point of view.” This is indeed a very important topic to this website and there is always more to be said about it. Comment is welcome.

White Relationships
By Joseph Bishop
About Bishop see these postings.

From her article "Hitler and women":
A gentleman and man of honor to the end, we can say proudly that Adolf Hitler inspired steadfast devotion and uncommon strength from women as well as men - women who held him, and still hold him, in the highest esteem, as he did them.

Yeager about Jews:
The alternate (and better) argument - that Hitler and his deputies planned, worked and managed to free Germany from these international Jewish bankers and the communist/capitalist money system, and that's why he and Germany were destroyed - you ignore completely. For you, Hitler must be one of the bad guys. According to your theories, if the World Illuminati didn't want you where you are, saying what you do - you wouldn't be here saying these things either!

Is your purpose just to confuse your readers? One book by a man named Kilzer is not enough, Henry - and the fact that he has two Pulitzer prizes means nothing. That you use that to extend credibility to him casts a bad light on you. How many lying Jews (for example, Elie Wiesel) are the recipients of Nobel Prizes?!!
And more:
Hard because they must go up against the organized thuggery that is unleashed onto our streets by Jews and their leftist collaborators seeking to destroy us.
 Etc., etc., etc.

 "Inconvenient History" blog lets an openly neo-Nazi nutjob rave about Jewish money and Jewish media. QED.

PS: this is how a truly scholarly critique of Irene Zisblatt's testimony looks like.


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