Monday, June 22, 2009

Freudian Cartoon Time

The anonymous 'artist' who produced this cartoon, which appeared on CODOH here, and whose possible identity is discussed here, presumably meant to cause offence, but my reaction is that it is hilarious. It captures the paranoid denier mindset perfectly.


  1. The first link is dead by the way.

    It seems that the graphic, racist cartoons of the "Der Sturmer" variety have not lost their appeal with the racist fringe. This is tame in comparison to the negative Jewish caricatures I have seen, which border on the pornographic. Julius Streicher would be proud.

  2. Thanks. I have fixed the link. The "negative Jewish caricatures I have seen, which border on the pornographic" are often drawn by (from my link) "A. Wyatt Mann, a pseudonymous cartoonist from the racist group White Aryan Resistance and author of the Holocaust-denial comic book Tales of the Holohoax"

  3. I don't know but I suspect "A. Wyatt Mann" to be a obvious pseudonym. Either that or one hell of a coincidence for a person of their ideological leanings.


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