Wednesday, April 01, 2009

New evidence shows resettlement transports

New evidence found in the GARF in Moscow shows that transports carrying Jewish deportees left Treblinka in late 1942 and arrived some days later in Minsk, said German historian Wolfram Witte.

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You didn't believe this, did you?


  1. Yeah, sure.

    First site, Fauri looks like the hysterical old slob that his pathetic self-congratulating utterances suggest.

    Second site, more run-of-the-mill "Revisionist" bullshit. Tough questions my ass.

  2. you could simply answer the question without resorting to the debased language, which usually is perceived by intelligent people as a coverup for lack of information or for uncertainty about the truthfulness of your ideas.

    mr. mazal of is very careful not to descend to this level.

    i recommend such a strategy for you. it would make your blog much more effective.

    otherwise employing vulgarity only speaks to the converted and repels those who occupy middle ground.

    do you have any thoughts about these:

  3. >you could simply answer the question without resorting to the debased language, which >usually is perceived by intelligent people as a coverup for lack of information or for >uncertainty about the truthfulness of your ideas.

    Not by intelligent people, but by people trying to cover up their lack of arguments with complaints about an opponent’s "debased language". Intelligent people see outspokenness as just that.

    >mr. mazal of is very careful not to descend to this level.
    >i recommend such a strategy for you. it would make your blog much more effective.

    This is a blog, my friend. We speak our minds here more directly than Mr. Mazal, without that making our arguments any less pertinent. Get used to it.

    >otherwise employing vulgarity only speaks to the converted and repels those who occupy >middle ground.

    Ah, here we have another convert to "Revisionism" pretending to be a "middle ground" fence sitter, who projects his adherence to quasi-religious humbug as he calls accepting proven historical facts a "conversion".

    >do you have any thoughts about these:




    Yes. They seem to be fitting reads for you. And while I don't think much of Mr. Wiesel, I'll wait for more reliable sources before deciding whether or not he was an Auschwitz inmate.

  4. why dont you "think much" mr wiesel? (do you think much at all, for that matter?)

    because he makes money off the Holocaust?

    or because he is a better writer than you, without resorting to profanity?

    or because he is a popular figure and it makes your german soul resentful that a Jew actually attained fame and fortune off of the botched German effort at extermination?


    I tried to correspond with your associate, Mr. Mathis, at Villanova, but he quakes with fear and threatens reprisals, so I will try to post what I think would be an acceptable response on your blog.

    This was sent to well known Holocaust historian Gerhard L. Weinberg:

    Prof. Weinberg,

    This is my tentative conclusion about the Holocaust revisionism debate.

    I am persuaded that the Nazis harbored enormous enmity towards Jews and exterminated many of them.

    I also believe that many of the more extreme claims about the Holocaust are exaggerations. (See this for a possible example:

    Yad Vashem has renounced stories about skin into lampshades and fat into soap as myths. And the official death toll for Auschwitz was downgraded from 4 million to 1 million. This seems to provide grist for the revisionist mill to claim that perhaps the entire Holocaust was fabricated.

    I realize that what offends Jews is that some people, in the name of truth and in an effort to ferret out possible Jewish exaggerations of their suffering at the hands of the Nazis, also seem to minimize or even overlook the extreme anti-Jewish hatred of the Nazis.

    Likewise, Jewish groups are horrified over discussions and debates about how the Nazis may have murdered them: by gas chambers, shootings, starvation, disease, etc. Whatever the case may be, the Jews should not have been in concentration camps in the first place, and this is what the "revisionists" overlook and fail to understand so offends and infuriates Jews (and other well meaning people).

    It would be like asking a Japanese survivor of Hiroshima to "prove" what portion of the population died from the direct effects of the atomic blast, or from the firestorm afterwards, or from radiation poisoning later. The Japanese survivor would be deeply offended by such a question.

    Do you think this is a fair assessment of the situation?

    Michael Korn

  6. Oh, the Jesus freak is back, and he's unsurprisingly babbling staple "Revisionist" quackery like the inevitable "official death toll for Auschwitz was downgraded" mantra (now he'll go whining about my "profanity", just watch).

    As to why I don't like Wiesel: he hates Germans and I'm one, and his approach to the series of events known as the Holocaust is mystical rather than historical, mysticism and symbolism being things that I detest. So the Jesus freak's guesses were way off the mark, but they showed us something about the state of his mind (if that were still necessary).

    As the Jesus freak seems to be seeking conversation with my fellow blogger Andrew Mathis, I'll inform Andrew accordingly.

    Meanwhile, the Jesus freak may have a look at the recent blogs about his fellow charlatan "Thomas Dalton, PhD", who he seems to be a fan of:

    A discussion with Michael Santomauro and Thomas Dalton, Ph.D.Old Herrings in a New Can: Thomas Dalton’s Debating the Holocaust (1)Is Dalton More Dishonest Than Graf?

  7. Below please find the last e-mail I sent to Mr. Korn.

    I've nothing more to say on the matter.


    Mr. Korn,

    Below is a little reminder from last month that I did, in fact, ask you not to contact me any further. So your most recent e-mail and any subsequent ones will go to the police. As I have the original e-mail I wrote to you below, with the headers, there is little legal room in which you can wiggle and not argue to the police that you are harassing me.

    So let's make this very clear one last time: Do not send me any e-mail or postal mail. Do not telephone. Any of these things will be considered harassment and will be reported to the authorities as such.

    I make one exception: If you're ever in the Philadelphia area, you're invited to question my intellect and my "fearfulness" to my face. It's a brave man that flings invective from a computer desk. It's quite another to talk man to man. But then you'd have to be a man, wouldn't you, and not some wannabe terrorist who sends death threats to his intellectual superiors and then runs when the law comes after him.

    If I hear from you again, you'd better be knocking on my door.

    -Andrew Mathis

  8. Roberto,

    thanks for posting the links. they are very interesting. i was just wondering today if anyone has responded to the dalton book.

    toda rabba, gracias, wa danke schoen.

  9. Mr. Korn,

    You will NOT post the e-mail addresses nor the names nor anything else about any of my employers or former advisers at this blog.

    I have the ability to delete comments and will do this.

    If you were any kind of man at all, you'd stop this bullshit.


  10. sorry Andrew.

    they were part of an email i had intended to send but did not, and then i forgot to delete them out of my comment on this blog.

    i am reading your reviews of the dalton book. very well done.

    here is a story you might ponder: an israeli messianic believer, whose relatives had perished in the Holocaust, was urged by the Holy Spirit to travel to Germany and to announce that he was extending forgiveness to the German people for what happened in those dark years. The believer resisted this message for a time, but eventually went as the Spirit urged him. After travelling all over Germany and speaking to thousands of people, he reported that he felt a great release.

    Whatever happened in those dark years, perhaps the time has come to forgive and move on. Today's Germans are not responsible for the policies of the Nazis, just as today's Jews are not responsible for the financial crises that impoverished German society and wiped out the lifesavings and pensions of millions of Germans in the Weimar years.

    Also as Mr. Muehlenkamp might attest, Germany was culturally and scientifically perhaps the most sophisticated society on earth. The fact that its people (including a large percentage of its Jewish voters in the 1933 elections) supported the Nazis cannot be attributed to mass insanity, as I was taught in my youth in Hebrew and Sunday School classes.

    It is time for us to hear the German side of the story too. Their animosity and antipathy towards Jews must have had some basis in the harsh reality of the economic, political, and cultural devastation that was visited upon them in the wake of the punitive and vindictive Versailles Treaty. (See this:

    (We see clearly that the vengeance the West sowed against post-World War I Germany reaped an evil harvest 20 years later.)

    In addition, World War II was a global tragedy that devastated every corner of the planet. Jews have no monopoly on suffering, not even in terms of civilian deaths. It is time to recognize that one of the chief lessons of the Holocaust is that those with power tend to abuse those without. It matters not whether they are Jews, Greeks, or Chinese. (This is the lesson that seems to be lost on modern day Israel, for instance, and on Imperial America as well.)

    We need to see a universal ethic of justice and compassion to emerge from the ashes of the Holocaust, not just a strengthening of Jewish chauvinism, paranoia, and anti-Gentile antipathy.

    Finally, what concerns me above all is that no one can live on pure hatred and lust for revenge. It will consume the one who hates much more rapidly than the one who is hated.

    And ultimately we all must accept that if we do not forgive those who have sinned against us, then God will not forgive our sins against Him:

    Matthew 6:14-15

    14For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you:

    15But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.


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