Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Goebbels Gives The Game Away Again

Deniers tell us that 'ausrottung' merely meant the destruction of Jewish culture in Europe through a program of resettlement. If that were so, we would expect the word to be used purely in a European context, rather than referring to a global destruction of Jews. It is thus highly significant that, in this article, Joseph Goebbels stated that:

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Es hieße der Londoner und New-Yorker Judenpresse zu viel Ehre antun, wenn man auf ihre blut und rachedurstigen Kommentare zum Luft- und Nervenkrieg überhaupt eingehen wollte. Die Juden treiben in diesem Kriege ihr frevelhaftestes Spiel, und sie werden das mit der Ausrottung ihrer Rasse in Europa und vielleicht weit darüber hinaus zu bezahlen haben.
It would do the Jewish press in New York and London too much honor to give any attention to their bloodthirsty commentaries on the air war and the war of nerves. They will have to pay for it with the extermination [ausrottung] of their race in Europe, and perhaps far beyond.
Clearly, if Jews were meant to survive their 'ausrottung', they must have been meant to live somewhere, yet here we have Goebbels hinting that Jews would live nowhere, and would thus presumably be dead.

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