Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rassinier's Numbers Game (Part 1)

In Chapter Fourteen of Debunking the Genocide Myth, Rassinier presented misleading Holocaust statistics; a blatant exercise in deception. Here is an example.

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Rassinier was trying to set up a disparity between the figures quoted by Hilberg and those in other sources. Thus for Poland he claimed that:
The clearest example of these differences, it seems to me, is Poland, where Mr. Salo Baron, holder of the chair of Jewish History at Columbia University, found that on the arrival of Russian troops in the country 700,000 Jews were still there (according to his statement of April 24, 1961, at the Eichmann Trial); the World Center of Jewish Documentation at Paris gave the figure of 500,000 (communique to the Figaro litteraire of June 4, 1960), the Institute of Jewish Affairs claimed some 400,000 (Eichmann's Confederates and the Third Reich Hierarchy, p. 59), and Mr. Raul Hilberg found only 50,000 (The Destruction of the European Jews, p. 670).[emphasis mine]
Here is Baron's actual testimony concerning Poland:
According to the figures in our possession, and according to the census conducted by the Central Jewish Committee in Poland on 15 August 1945, only 73,955 Jews remained, of whom 13,000 were Polish soldiers and 5,446 were registered in ten displaced persons' camps in Germany and Austria. In other words, out of 3,000,000, possibly within a slightly larger territory, there remained a very small remnant of those who had survived.[emphasis mine]

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