Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mattogno and Graf Screwed By Their Own Source

In their Treblinka screed, Mattogno and Graf use the following episode as 'evidence' that Treblinka was a transit camp to the USSR:
Finally, the arrival of at least one transport from the Warsaw Ghetto at a location east of Treblinka has been documented beyond any question. On 31 July 1942, the Reichskommissar for White Russia, Wilhelm Kube, sent a telegram to the Reichskommissar for the Ostland, Heinrich Lohse, in which he protested the dispatching of a transport of "1,000 Jews from Warsaw to work at Minsk," because this would lead to danger of epidemics and an increase in partisan activity.
This is denier logic in a nutshell: a document in which bureaucrats bitterly protested about the transport of a mere 1,000 Jews for essential labour into their zone is used as evidence that the same bureaucrats would have acceded to the transport of over 700,000 Jews via Treblinka into the same zone. Such are the slender threads to which deniers cling.

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Furthermore, Mattogno and Graf prove again that their use of sources is dishonest, because the document they cite was sent on the same day as the well-known letter from the same author, Kube, to the same recipient, Lohse, which reveals that:
Following exhaustive discussions with the SS Brigadefuehrer Zenner and the exceedingly capable Leader of the SD, SS Obersturmbannfuehrer Dr. jur. Strauch, we have liquidated about 55,000 Jews in Byelorussia in the past 10 weeks. In the area of Minsk county Jewry has been completely eliminated without any danger to the manpower requirements. In the predominantly Polish area of Lida, 16,000 Jews were liquidated, in Slonim, 8,000, etc.

Owing to encroachment by the Army Rear Zone (Command), which has already been reported, there was interference with the preparations we had made for the liquidation of the Jews in Glebokie. Without contacting me, the Army Rear Zone Command liquidated 10,000 Jews, whose systematic elimination had in any case been planned by us. In the city of Minsk about 10,000 Jews were liquidated on July 28 and 29. Of these 6,500 were Russian Jews – mainly old men, women and children – and the rest Jews incapable of work, who were sent to Minsk in November of last year by order of the Fuehrer, mainly from Vienna, Bruenn, Bremen and Berlin.

The District of Sluzk has also been relieved of several thousand Jews. The same applies to Nowogrodek and Wilejka. Radical measures are planned for Baranowitschi and Hanzewitschi. In Baranowitschi there are still another 10,000 Jews in the city itself, of whom 9,000 will be liquidated next month.
Moreover, Kube's letter concludes with a sentence that reveals that the local SD commander intends to liquidate any such transports:
I am in full agreement with the Commander of the SD in Byelorussia that we should liquidate every transport of Jews not arranged, or announced to us, by our superior officers, to prevent further disturbances in Byelorussia.
Mattogno and Graf thus quoted a document without acknowledging that its author had, on the same day, sent a letter to the same recipient clearly describing genocidal activity by their Nazi heroes, which directly contradicts and refutes M/G's resettlement thesis.

M/G therefore carried out two deceptions in one stroke. The first deception was to draw an inference from their source ('large-scale resettlement in the East') which was perverse given that the source explicitly expresses opposition to resettlement. The second deception was to omit contextual evidence of mass killing contained in a far more famous document, sent by the same author to the same recipient on the same day, which has been cited by several historians and has been in the public domain for over sixty years.


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