Thursday, June 14, 2007

Beyond even Chutzpah

In his post of Thu Jun 14, 2007 11:34 am on the CODOH "Revisionist" forum, Jonnie "Hannover" Hargis, one of the lowliest pieces of garbage in the "Revisionist" cesspool, treats newcomer "Potpie" to yet another session of his hollow and cowardly breastbeating:

For Roberto Muehlenkamp / aka Cortavagatas, simply use our search function for Muehlenkamp and read, there's plenty of debate with him here. The poor man never had a chance.

One wonders why, if I "never had a chance" against "Revisionist" brilliance, poor Hargis found it necessary to delete all those posts of mine, which I have collected on this thread, among others, and eventually ban me from his lovely place.

Or why, if "Revisionists" have such superior arguments, so few of them show up for real open debate on uncensored boards like RODOH and the biggest mouth of them all, Jonnie "Hannover" Hargis, never dares to leave his warm and cozy Führerbunker.

Not all "Revisionists" gratefully swallow "Hannover" Hargis’ mendacious bragging, however. Some of them have realized what the fellow is all about. One of these is Mr. Wilfried Heink aka "neugierig", who in his RODOH post 18-Dec-2006 19:29 wrote the following:

I agree, Herr Muehlankamp, those guys over there are not entirely honest. Banning you and others and then performing victory dances is beyond even chutzpah. Hopefully this new poster, if he is new, will soon realize that dissenting views, if you will, are verboten.

As far as pointing him to RODOH, the name can not be mentioned, it is deleted. One of my posts was totally distorted, I dared mention RODOH, should have copied it, which almost made me quit that forum. Anyway, who knows, perhaps this lost sheep will find its way.

Not that Mr. Heink’s arguments are usually any better than those of his brothers-in-spirit, though he is one of the few "Revisionists" who at least tries to do some homework, but the above was an unexpected display of common sense for which I duly congratulated the old man.

A word now to the unhappy "PotPie", who claims that the HC blog’s contributors are "obsessed by this board and those who post here": apart from the amusement value of one or the other particular instructive showpiece of "Revisionist" imbecility, whether in quoted scripture from some vaunted guru or the CODOH yelpers’ own "wisdom", the only reason for one of us to pay any attention to the CODOH cesspit and its sorry inhabitants is their occasional mouthing off about him. That aside, we couldn’t care less about what these candy-ass losers write.

Ah, and in case anyone is wondering why Hargis & Co. are currently rambling away against our contributor Andrew Mathis: the probable reason is that this challenge of Andrew’s has meanwhile been brought to "Hannover"’s knowledge.

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