Saturday, December 02, 2006

Still No Sign of Intestinal Fortitude

Author: Andrew E. Mathis
Well, my most recent post about Jonnie Hargis must have gotten to him, because he began this thread about me.

How nice it is to control one's life and to own one so thoroughly.

But Jonnie still won't post about me during work hours.

What a poor, stupid, cowardly little man.


104839sobe104839 said...

The codoh people actually think that they seriously demolished some arguments. LOL

Trigat said...

LOL, your claims of intellectual superiority are funny. Only an idiot would claim to be intellectually superior. Someone who really is would never flatter himself and claim it, he would show it in his arguments. I guess you need these delusions to make you feel better about yourself. Poor you :-)

Trigat said...

Sorry, but if you are not lying and indeed there were posts deleted I doubt you wrote anything of substabce in them, since only intellectual dwarfs feel the need to flatter themselves. I never read any claim of intellectual superiority from any of the owners of this blog. Instead they show it by posting clerver and insightful blog entries. You are the first person on this blog to claim intellectual superiority (and you claimed it also elsewhere). Really, you must suffer from a bad inferiority complex when you make such an idiot out of yourself and publically flatter yourself (repeatedly). But do go on. As I said, it really is funny :-)

Trigat said...

If it is true and indeed posts that you made here were deleted why don't you repost them at

where they couldn't be deleted? Roberto did the same thing here with his deleted Stormfront postings. That way you could easily prove your intellectual superiority through your arguments instead of flattering yourself and just claiming it. Instead you come here and indulge in your self-flattering and you got to show exactly what for it? Hmm, let's see and check out your blog in detail:

LOL! You really let your intellectual superiority shine through there, dude. That blog of yours (which is supposed to watch over this blog right here) really is a treasure trove of witty and intelligent arguments :-) Nice going, dude. You are always good for a laugh :-)

Trigat said...

Here is another instance of your self-flattering (as sean_lamb om AHF):

"Frankly I think the only interesting and worthwhile posts in this forum in the last 10 days have been made by me."

You wrote that on AHF, where hundreds of posts are made daily. Really, you should get medication for that inferiority complex of yours since excessive self-flattering is a pathologic sign of it :-)

Trigat said...

Forgot the link for the quote from AHF.

Andrew E. Mathis said...

Well, I haven't deleted any of the Lurker's posts.

I also never have deleted any of his posts. I'm not aware of him ever posting to my blog, and I don't have deletion power at RODOH.

I attack Mr. Hargis when he attacks me, because, coward that he is, he will only attack me behind a pseudonym in a forum that is closed to me.

Now go play in traffic, troll.


Andrew E. Mathis said...

Well, I stand corrected. Apparently I *did* erase one of your comments. I forget why now...


Sergey Romanov said...

RCW comments deleted. You know that he is banned from this blog, along with Carmelo Lisciotto's sockpuppets, so why do you have conversations with a banned person?

Trigat said...

Well, making fun of his narcissism and megalomania was too good an opportunity to pass up. Sorry! :-)