Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Study in “White Pride” …

… is in progress here.

Update on 09.11.2006:

See also this article.


  1. Not that Roberto needs any help, but here is a pointer where he is "examined" by Sir Mosley on the same's blog: http://www.wnblog.org/SirMosley/1555/

    And a bit of irony from theOldman on a thread called "White Nationalist Position Statements":
    (from http://www.stormfront.org/forum/showthread.php?t=223388&page=2 )

    "The well-equipped WN never loses an argument with the opposition. The archives of this board will prove that beyond doubt.

    That's why the more intelligent anti's who visit here avoid arguing with our more mature members. They opt instead to argue with one of the 2 opponents they know they can defeat. They know that half a century of concentrated propaganda has so demonized those opponents that they can NEVER be rehabilitated, short of a change in the control of the dissemination of information.

    So, rather than engage a well informed WN in argument about the situation as it exists today and what must be done to rectify it, the astute anti ALWAYS conjures up an opponent he knows he can defeat. They always, without exception, start arguing with either Hitler or the KKK. When the diversion succeeds, they win. When we remain on the real topic, they always lose."

    Key thing here is that a "well-equiped non-WN" will slowly be suffocated in the "debate" until the WN's appear to win. This is proven by a restriction of Roberto's postings to 5 per day, the imposition of a 100 work/post limit, and a heating up of the posting restriction to 4 per day. What brave souls these WN's are ... they have the moderator on their side, numbers on their side, and they still need yet more card stacking.

    BTW, if by "never losing" theOldman actually means "drown out or supress the opposition until they leave", then the "victory" so achieved is empty, no?

  2. True Voice
    >Not that Roberto needs any help, but here is a pointer where he is "examined" by Sir Mosley on >the same's blog: http://www.wnblog.org/SirMosley/1555/

    Thanks for pointing this out. The poor blackshirt seems to have a "Cortie" trauma, for he also keeps bringing me up on the SF board although he knows very well that and why I have left. He is obviously in need to rationalize his inability to best me in debate, which makes a dent in his Fascist "White Pride" self-image. What he won’t do, however, is engage me in man-to-man debate on the RODOH thread http://p102.ezboard.com/frodohforumfrm50.showMessage?topicID=302.topic , to which this pointer links, although he is well aware of the existence of that thread and despite my express invitation to him and other WN posters to discuss with me there. The reason for this is also obvious: notwithstanding his superiority act, SirMosley knows that he’s full of shit and would be painted into a corner if he met me one on one.

    The subject matter of Sir Mosley’s "Response" has already been addressed in two posts that were not published on the SF board due to the 5 posts per day – restriction (which I of course ignored). The text of these posts is transcribed in posts # 7393 and # 7397 under http://p102.ezboard.com/frodohforumfrm50.showMessageRange?topicID=302.topic&start=41&stop=60 . I will make these posts into a blog article later this day, but our readers may already enjoy them in the meantime.

    Any divulging of the Study in "White Pride" is appreciated, by the way. The more people get to see what these WN folks are all about, the better.

  3. You bung-holes remind me of the three stooges (they were all jews BTW).

    Nick Terry is an especially sad case; a goy with a PhD. in the holocaust. The fucking holocaust! Does he actually believe it or is he just maintaining the charade -- I honestly don't know.

    Even idiots don't buy into your mendacity anymore. I thought your refutations of fact that neither Churchill nor Eisenhower even mentioned the holohoax were especially child-like.

    OK, just so you don't think I cam here to expose you fucks, here's some interesting reading. Notice how the commenters are making no bones of their disdain for losers like you. Enjoy.


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. He he yes a PhD in the "holocaust field" - can it get anymore pointless? That is like creating your own driver's licsense and expecting to be taken seriously by the police when pulled over! It is so laughable.

    How anyone can invest time and money in getting a PhD in the "holocaust field", when this filthy horseshit lie won't be around for very long, is completely beyond this author.

    To be perfectly honest I don't even believe there ought to be any field in history where one can pick the "holocaust" as his or hers "expertise". Its as I say, like having expertise in UFOs - another idiotic belief which has never been proven. There are probably a thousand other similar examples one can use for this purpose - but I like to keep it simple.

    Whatever. Let Mathis (the English G_d), Terry (the "Holocaust Expert"), and Roberto the "I quote so much horseshit that it will make your eyes bleed - but I rarely read the mentioned author's works") continue wasting away their life, time and resources. We, the regular people, do not have to invest very much time in refuting the allegations of a holocaust - and it does not take much effort in convincing others that the stories of a jewish holocaust is utter and complete lies, heaps and heaps of lies. People certainly are catching on to it nowadays, I can tell you from real-world experience in telling people about it.

    All they have been doing these years is wasting their time with investing resources and probably money (or are they infact paid?) in this lie of hellish proportions. Personally I can't understand how these, presumably adult, men and women have so much time to dedicate on the Internet, e-fighting with people they disagree with - knowing perfectly well that what they are fighting for is a dirty lie and that their attempts are completely futile.

    A rather curious question, it is!

  6. Notice how Jonathan Andersson (F.H.) and another Nazi confirm in these comments that:

    1. "Revisionism" isn't about arguments (they don't deal with any).

    2. "Revisionism" is very much about antisemitism.

  7. White Nationalists are controlled by Canuckistanis and Judenvilk.

    I am blak and a Muslim, so start groveling.

    Next Year in Jerusalem!

  8. I see that you control the bigoted "Axis History Forum." Denying Freedom of speech as always.
    You are total hypocrites.

    Get a load of this Axis History Forum Crap!

    This is just a reminder that holocaust denial is not tolerated here, as you all should know by now.

    Three main reasons for the decision not to allow holocaust denial here are:
    1. Holocaust denial is an insult to those that suffered and died
    2. Allowing holocaust denial will scare away many of the regular posters, both those that find it generally offensive and those that do not in any way wish to be connected with such crap. I've seen it happen in many forums, more deniers & neonazis begin frequenting the forum and less of those that are non-deniers or not interested in that discussion at all will frequent the forum, eventually bringing down the forum. We've even seen it begin to happen in this very forum at a time when I was too relaxed in enforcing the rules.
    3. Allowing holocaust denial would make it (even) harder to make people understand that this is an apolitical forum, not a pro-nazi or denier forum.

    The rules of this forum regarding holocaust denial also apply, for example, to the mass murders of Armenians during WWI, and the interwar famine in the Ukraine. It is permissible to question whether these and similar events were the result of a deliberate government policy, and legitimate questions may be raised about the veracity of individual witnesses or their motives, individual items of evidence, or matters of interpretation of policy, but it is not permissible to deny that the events occurred.

    And as I've stated many times before, this decision is not open for discussion.
    By: Da Jew in Charge


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