Monday, September 18, 2006

Who is this bum?

This weirdo is John Bryant, who apparently likes to think of himself as a great intellectual, and who thinks that it's soooo cooooool to be "politically incorrect".

Of course, no true intellectual can dismiss simple accuracy. But here's an excerpt from Bryant's exchange with Andrew:
First you miss the main point that it establishes a series of events which shows an unbroken pattern of Jewish perfidy, and second, you miss the point that most of the small details you question are unimportant. The end of the Russo-Japenese war is a perfect example -- WHO THE HELL CARES whether it was 1905 or 1906???? A professional historian would want to get it right, but I am not a professional historian, and my audience doesn't give a damn.
So, he has just shown that he has no regard for truth. He keeps proving it further:
A more serious case is Stalin: Does his name mean 'son of a Jew'? Well, maybe not -- maybe it means 'son of a Hebrew' or 'Son of Israel'? Are you really fluent enuf in Georgian to say? Did your girlfriend teach you Georgian in between blowjobs? I didn't think so. But really, it is a small point, because Stalin was surrounded by Jews -- he had Jewish wives, his main man was a Jew (Kaganovich), and the movement he headed was infested to the max with Jews. So if he weren't Jewish, he was still a Jew by osmosis, so to speak.
Does "Bryant" mean "bird shit mixed with snot"? Well, maybe not, maybe it means "a brainless dolt with too much free time on his hands"?

Note how this idiot tries to shift the burden of proof on Andrew. His "maybes" don't count, of course - he has no evidence whatsoever that "Dzhugashvili" has anything to do with Jews (in fact, "Dzhuga" is meaningless in Georgian; thus "Dzhugashvili" means "son of Dzhuga", no more and no less; cf. A. V. Ostrovskij, "Predki Stalina", Genealogicheskij vestnik, 2001, no. 1). Both of Stalin's wives were non-Jewish - Yekaterina Svanidze was Georgian, Nadezhda Alliluyeva - half-Russian, half-Georgian. Neither was Stalin "surrounded by Jews" when he finally acquired the absolute power - he murdered most of the leading Jewish (and non-Jewish) Bolsheviks after several show trials. Kaganovich was indeed very close to Stalin until the late 1940s, and not because he was Jewish, but rather because he was a total sycophant, as his published correspondence with Stalin shows (Stalin i Kaganovich. Perepiska. 1931-1936, ROSSPEN, 2001, 798 pp.).

Indeed, here's what a Russian neo-Nazi "historian" Oleg Platonov (who was on the Editorial Advisory Committee of JHR, no less!) writes about Stalin in his Encyclopedic dictionary of Russian civilization:
Stalin Iosif Vissarionovich [...], Georgian Bolshevik. Since late 1930-s - a Russian statesman, military leader of the Russian people during the Great Patriotic War.
Stalin's life consists of two mutually exclusive stages. In the first stage - late XIX century - 1st half of 1930s - Stalin is the active accomplice of the criminal activities of Lenin and the so-called Lenin's guard, Jewish Bolsheviks, who exterminated millions of Russian people; in the second stage, since the 2nd half of 1930s - a Russian statesman, through whose efforts, in effect, the national revolution was accomplished, which overthrew the power of the Jewish Bolsheviks, and significantly (although not completely) resurrected the former role of the Russian people.
Platonov goes on to praise Stalin by using such pearls as:
Stalin loved old Russian songs and often sang them. In contrast to Jewish Bolsheviks, general secretary of VKP(b) could not tolerate sexual scenes in movies. They jarred and revolted him.
In 1930-40s under Stalin's leadership no less than 800 thousand of Jewish Bolsheviks were exterminated - the cream of the Judaic anti-Russian organization, who wanted to transform Russia into a Jewish state. Almost all Jewish leaders were destroyed, and chances of the rest for acquiring of the power were reduced to a minimum.
(The statistics is completely bogus, of course.)

Etc., etc., etc. A rabid fascist and antisemite (e.g. he promotes the Blood Libel and Holocaust denial literature) Platonov wouldn't praise "Jewish Stalin".

So was Stalin a "Jew by osmosis", or was he a great "liberator from the Jews"? Just as with so many other subjects (e.g., was Christianity a Jewish invention, aimed at naive gentiles with a goal to destroy their native religions; or is it really the only true safeguard against the Jews? Or: was Fanny Kaplan an evil Zionist who shot our great Russian leader Vladimir Lenin; or was this perfidious Jew Lenin really shot not by Kaplan, but by a brave unnamed Russian woman?), let antisemites quarrel about this among themselves. And if they decide to cut each other a lil' bit in the process - so much the better.

PS: The Birdbum, rightly afraid of more spanking, declares he won't respond: "It is really too silly to respond to" (a usual excuse of the vanquished).


  1. >"Who is this bum?"

    Is this dickhead with the pigeon on his head trying to imitate more august thinkers found cast in bronze on pedestals in parks? If so, he fails miserably, both as a thinker and a bronze.

    Just another dickhead with a bird shitting down his back.

    And what's with those tres hip glasses?



  2. That picture is this fella Bryant? And he seriously thinks people will take him seriously?

    An interesting thing about paranoids, they often engage in behaviors that will create the very situations they are angry about, causing them to fail. Get-ups like that do the trick.

    What amazes me is that he has funding for a web page, time to put it together, and fans to keep it going.

    And I did scroll through his page. Another guy who's obsessed with homosexuality and circumcision. And fluoridated water and UFOs.

    At least he made the point... neither he nor his audience care about truth and facts. It's all about the attitude, as the fashion designers say, and the attitude is, "Jews are evil, Hitler is great."

    If I was a psych major, I'd do a study on the pathology of these folks. It can't just be repressed homosexuality.

  3. Birdman Gets Obligatory Appreciation From Jew Psychopaths
    (Apollonian, 19 Sep 06)

    Hey, I'm a great fan of mighty birdman (at, u Jew dolts. Birdman discovered ur idiotic blog and posted the link. Birdman has a great site which gets far more hits than u dumbass Jewisters (insignificant, lower-level, working-class kikes).

    Naturally Jews think Birdman is a "bum" for speaking the truth about Jew psychopaths, Talmudism simply a criminal conspiracy, pretending their Jew devil-god is their slave on contract ("covenant"--as in marriage) with them, Jews, hysterical collectivists (and communists), narcissists, criminals, fascists, murderers and frauds. See Michael Collins Piper's "The New Jerusalem," where it is shown how Jews dominate organized crime--naturally, as they worship criminality as their very religion, commandment of their devil-god who wants to have sex with them (collectivistically, of course).

    Jews and Jew devil-god are actually conspirators, the Jew devil-god murdering for Jews, commanding Jews to murder, Jews then doing so gleefully protesting they must as their beloved pimp of a devil-god "commanded" them to so murder and lie. And murder is what Jews celebrate on bloody holydays of "Passover" and "Purim." See M. A. Hoffman II's "Judaism's Strange Gods," also and

    And the noble Birdman even tries to stick up for u Jew scum, too--serves him right, I say. See my essays on Birdman's soft-heartedness upon Jews at under "commentary."

    So take that, u stinking Judaic filth. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  4. Is that Patrick McNally dropping by?

    Man, we've become a loon magnet.

  5. >Man, we've become a loon magnet.

    Uh, yup.

    As for that little...extrusion...I won't call it an essay...res ipsit loquitor.

    This guy needs a LOT of medication. I don't want hurl an ad hominem attack, but that much anger, that much use of code-words, that much angry babel and babble, complete with his attack on the very guy he is defending... there's some serious pathology there.

    There's so much anger and fury in these folks...they have no perspective, no sense of epiphany, and their only sense of humor is mean-spiritedness...they can't laugh at themselves or anything else. Their whole manner of behavior is baely-controlled and apocalyptic reflects the reality of their real lives...the anger they have over being ignored, reviled, and ridiculed.

    They have massive senses of self-importance and enormous frustration that their importance in the real world does not match their importance in their web world. There must be a lot of depression and despair when those folks are in their private moments.

    Interesting that in defending their fellow Fascists, these folks find it necessary to attack them. There's a lot of hatred and disloyalty in the world of anti-Semites, and they apparently prey upon each other to poach money, followers, and publicity.

    Read his web page, too. Out-Klans the Klan.

  6. "There's so much anger and fury in these folks..." Kiwidude

    "Which is a common sense. Which you lack, of course, being brainless scum and all that" Sergey

    Fury in which folk KW?

  7. Great, another moron who believes Djugashvili means "Son of Jew".

    Here's their general logic:

    Djuga sounds like "JEW" in English!! It must MEAN Jew!!

    Too bad the Georgian word for "Jew" is actually something like "Ebrei". (Yeah I looked that up once during a debate)

  8. "There's so much anger and fury in these folks..." Kiwidude

    "Which is a common sense. Which you lack, of course, being brainless scum and all that" Sergey

    Fury in which folk KW?

    Sorry, mate, I know your trolling when I see it...I'm not going to play.

    That question has been asked, and it has been answered.

  9. Clarification Upon Judaic Question
    (Apollonian, 20 Sep 06)

    Okay Kikes: pls let me be more clear--I DO NOT SAY JEWS AND GENTILE ACCOMPLICES ARE "EVIL"--I'm sure they all do "best they can." Socio-biology is strict matter of simple science.

    I simply defend Western determinism and Aristotelian objectivity (though Aristotle himself seemed to hedge on such absolute determinism, perhaps--it doesn't matter, given his brilliant metaphysical, inductive method, u see).

    Socio-biologically (theologically and artistically) Jews (hence Talmudists) are simply foremost SUBJECTIVISTS who thus inhabit a reverse, "negative," "bizarro" -type mental universe. Thus for example, Jews believe God worships them, etc. (See my essay on, "Antisemitic Facts More Gentiles Should Know.")

    Hence in general Jews must be captured and isolated like disease they are (quite literally, within the socio-biologic framework), confiscated like the criminals they are (according to our Western objective standards), interned, separated, and closely supervised in dying out--until the next cycle of history produces a mixed-race, thoroughly bastardized, criminal element glorifying their criminality (and bastardy, aesthetically) sublimated then in their own minds to "persecution," like the present crop of psychopaths, terrorists, frauds, murderers and diseased anti-humans (both Jews and subjectivist accomplices among gentiles, again, according to clear Aristotelian standards).

    Naturally, Criminals will say TRUTH is "hatred"--for it exposes their criminality doesn't it? Thus Criminals ever seek the extermination of witnesses to the truth of their criminality. And Pharisaics (Jews) seek to exterminate truth itself (therefore God) by slandering it as "hate." Thus Ernst Zundel (and others, see is obvious martyr to this criminal-Judaic religious abomination.

    CONCLUSION: Thus socio-biologically that cultural-psychologic conflict-dialectic is (in basic metaphysics) between the mutually exclusive mental-universes of (a) Western Objectivity, Reason, and Health Versus (b) Talmudic Subjectivism, Narcissism, Lies (Fraud--like the Federal Reserve Bank counterfeiting conspiracy--See G.Edward Griffin's "The Creature From Jekyll Island"), Conspiracy, Insanity, Misery, and Death, confirmed most gloriously in Christian New Testament (ck Gosp. JOHN 8:44). Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  10. >"There's so much anger and fury in these folks..." Kiwidude

    >"Which is a common sense. Which you lack, of course, being brainless scum and all that" >Sergey

    >Fury in which folk KW?

    Your folk, my friend. The anger they have over being ignored, reviled, and ridiculed, as KW said. Not to be mixed up with manifestations of warranted contempt for these frustrates, such as Sergey’s. Those go under calling a spade a spade.

  11. Bryant sent me one of his books back in 1991, which I reviewed in the September/October 1991 issue of The Arizona Skeptic. He wasn't very happy with my review, which led to a further exchange in the May/June 1992 issue.

  12. Seems to me that you also have a little too much time on your hands, pallie.

  13. "Sorry, mate, I know your trolling when I see it...I'm not going to play"

    Smart move.

  14. If you click on the link at the beginning of the article, you go, not to the discussion of Bryant's exchange with Andrew, but to his current weekly letter.

    As of this posting, the topic is "Kids and Animals: The Last Frontiers of Sexuality".

    Joseph T Major

  15. >"Sorry, mate, I know your >trolling when I see it...I'm not >going to play"

    >Smart move.

    Oh, Vox thinks he (or is that "she"?) is dangerous.

  16. "Seems to me that you also have a little too much time on your hands, pallie."

    I wish!

  17. Normally I don't like to borrow other peoples' material (in this case someone over at the JREF forum), but it's just too apt.

    Reading Appolonian and Voxceltica is like being bukkakked with stupid.

  18. >Normally I don't like to borrow other peoples' material (in this case someone over at the JREF forum), but it's just too apt.

    >Reading Appolonian and Voxceltica is like being bukkakked with stupid.

    I used to be irritated by Voxchicken, but now that I see that he can't answer well-crafted, on-point, and lucid questions from the owners of this site, except with

    A. homo-erotic insults
    B. contempt
    C. derision
    D. irrelevant comments
    E. condescension

    I realize that this poor sod has absolutely no life outside of his copies of "Which Way Western Man" and "Aryan Nations Newsletter."

    He's actually quite funny -- and quite obsessed. His whole life revolves around hurling "derision and contempt" against total strangers, and he regards writing snotty reviews on Amazon as a glorious triumph for the white race, the 14 words, and good German lager. A major victory indeed...I can only applaud at such awesome life achievements and towering displays of Aryan intellect and Aryan heroism...he wrote a bad review of a book on Amazon...if Voxchicken keeps it up, maybe people will confuse him with a real person. Soon the entire white race will be marching behind Voxchicken to defeat the Bolshevik hordes and the Bilderbergers...except they can't, because Voxchicken is anonymous, hiding from the Mossad.

    He expended more energy on my comments on his personal life and psychology than on the answers and resulting questions on his views on the Holocaust. That sort of tells you what's really important to him.

    And he's so proud of his importance and his positions that he can't hold himself to the standards of accountability he demands from us...I guess he's afraid that if he reveals his real name and identity, we'll all find out that he's a 20-year-old skinheaded nitwit who can't pass an open-book test. Or worse, that the Glasgow Corporation will cut off his dole money.

    He reminds me of "Professor Chaos" from South Park. I think I'll call him "Butters" from now on.

  19. >Nick Terry: "Man, we've become a loon magnet.

    Kiwiwriter: Uh, yup."

    I know. Apollonian certainly looks like poor ol' Mcnally, now doesn't he? If it isn't Mcnally, it certainly is someone with low-intellect, as you can tell from their unsophisticated writing style and phsycopathic mentality. Birdbum looks really dumb, I gotta say...not to hurl ad-hominem..but does mister Birdbum really think that people will take him seriously? It looks like the pigeon is crapping down his neck!
    But congrats to him and apollonian who is most likely McNally, they have given a shining example of what holocaust denial is really all about. Thanks for your help, nutzis!

  20. Holohoax Mere Receding Heresy
    (Apollonian, 26 Sep. 06)

    Hey thanks "aldo-...," below at today, Tuesday, first up. I was ck-ing back on the blog to see if more kikes would pipe in w. something by which I could respond.

    Note kikes: we Christians admit we're very humble people, not nearly as clever or precious to God as kikes, of course.

    But u see, we Christians try, unlike kikes, TO BE HONEST, u see?

    And we Christians see stuff fm OBJECTIVE reality--not ur little Jews' wonder-world of imagination where wishful thinking and lies, like holohoax, trumps perceptible, hence verifiable facts.

    So here's "skinny" kikes, at bottom line: ur non-"holocaust-denial" (which we simply call holohoax) is simply ur shit-puke RELIGION which u're obsessed with imposing upon the Christian people. Thus for example, holohoax "museum" in Wash. DC is tax-payer funded, while kike-led and -staffed ACLU removes 10 Commandments monument fm Alabama St. Supreme Courthouse building, for example.

    U kikes don't seem to realize we're in process of snapping shut the trap u're presently in: evermore intense prosecution of enforcement of ur filth-religion (Talmudism, etc.) which Talmudic oppression by itself serves most perfectly to ALERT OUR PEOPLE to ur unGodly presence and being. Thus we Christian patriots merely urge our dear volk to OPEN THEIR EYES to the most devilish iniquity, that's all.

    Or--socio-biologically, u're disease, Talmudism simply psychopathy (gross criminality) pretending to dignity and "religion," which we gentiles strive so heroically to resurge against as we've suffered u so far in present "Decline of the West" by Oswald Spengler. Note Greeks (like Thucydides and Herodotus before him) also understood the cyclic nature of history.

    See above entries for more details and expo, if u like, or my section under "commentary" heading on

    Holohoax is just religion of the Jew criminal regime presently conspiring to rule the Western "Decline...," in accord w. Oswald Spengler, again.

    Again, we see it w. Christian honesty in socio-biologic science, u Jews are disease, a criminal conspiracy, holohoax ur psychotic religion (like communism) u must impose evermore onerously, hysterically, and insanely, upon the people. Thus we Christian patriots plot the obligatory resurgence of HEALTH, REASON, AND WESTERN RULE-OF-LAW. A mere matter of socio-biology and science, once again, brilliantly predicted in Christian New Testament (NT) conspiracy theory--see Gospel of JOHN 8:44.

    Jew parasite-disease will eventually destroy host-victims--do u "get" that socio-biologic dialectic/cycle relation, kikes?--for aren't u puke monstrosities and criminals, so overwhelmingly clever, supposed to be "smart"?

    Ck also Gosp. MARK 7:1-8 where Christian antisemitism is most emphatically affirmed by our hero and leader, Christ the Son of God himself, whom kikes murdered on pretense of heresy and blasphemy.

    Hence the pt for us Christians is to continue to GATHER OUR FORCES upon this Christian insight of ABSOLUTE ANTISEMITISM for the anti-human disease (socio-biologically) u really and truly are, again described so well in NT.

    Thus holohoax is mere heresy now rendered of much less effect due to mighty INTERNET which has essentially refuted and dissolved the holohoax for putrid hoax, farce, and fraud (Prof. N. Finkelstein, "The Holohoax Industry") it really and truly is, one heresy within a larger complex-matrix of heresy, including also Pelagian heresy, "Judeo-Christian" (JC) heresy (see and, again, etc.) and the non- or anti-racist heresy which is mere altruistic/suicidal component affecting only the weakest of all and any individuals among all races, most especially the youth--even against the 4th of the 10 commandments, the 4th demanding we honor race (parents).

    For Pharisaic, Judeo-oligarchal conspirators and masterminds (like Council on Foreign Relations) will never dare to fully expose Talmud as ruling cultural "ideal," such as it is, the Pharisaic-mammon empire always HIDING BEHIND a facade of such heresy-complex-matrix, as described briefly, above.

    Political-economic crux then is the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) counterfeiting fraud (see G. Edward Griffin's "The Creature From Jekyll Island") which then cements, anchors, establishes definitively, and finances enforcement for a military-political regime and tyranny, etc.

    CONCLUSION: Again, Socio-biologically, we Christian patriots struggle to keep our people HONEST, according to the God-given (not Jew-created), Aristotelian universe, by which we seek information upon which to use inductive logic and achieve ANTISEMITIC LIBERATION. Such is our obvious (merely logical) strategy against Jew conspiracy, hystericism, insanity, narcissism, collectivism, communist (red) fascism, etc. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  21. “He expended more energy on my comments on his personal life and psychology than on the answers and resulting questions on his views on the Holocaust”

    And that gem comes in a four hundred-word post that consists almost entirely of observations about my personal life and general character (or lack of it). I resent your allegation that I am the author of a bad book review. I am the author of several bad book reviews.

  22. Hi apollonian:
    I wanted to tell everybody:I'M NOT A JEW! Apollonian, you have to stop assuming everybody here is a Jew, you're only showing how anti-semitic and how unsophisiticated you are. The only kike here is you. You haven't even asked everyone here if they're a Jew, yet you're already calling us "Jew Kikes". Stop embarrassing yourself. If you wish for holocaust denial to be accepted in the mainstream media, Faurisson and Mattogno and other denial arch-gurus have to get rid of people like you that show what holocaust denial is really about. You're actually preventing holocaust denial from being accepted. Well, Mr. McNally(presumably) thank you for helping me. I have been collecting anti-semitic and neo-nazi statements from deniers for some time now, and you keep on helpfully cooperating with me. In a future article, I'll be sure to write about your neo-nazism and anti-semitism. Thank you!

  23. Hey thanks "aldo-"--but don't worry, u're surely a dumb-ass Jew as only Jew would be as presumptuous as u are. Jew blood (and psychopathy) runs within u, surely, whether u realize it or not. Gee, excuse my lack of "sophistication"; I envy u so. Don't forget u can see more of my good work on under "commentary" heading. Ck also for a couple more of my essays, esp. "Anti-semitic Facts More Gentiles Should Know." I also used to post stuff on beginning about mid 04 through 05. Ta ta. A.

  24. Great, apo, you're playing along nicely, like aldo said. Just give us more of that "u bloody Joos" - babbling. We love it!

  25. Thus (Herein) is Objectivity Prosecuted
    (Apollonian, 27 Sep 06)

    Yes, thanks to u too, "Roberto..." of previous and most recent post, And indeed, u holohoax pushers exist as the Mammonist Judeo-fascists' little suckalongs keeping a close watch (like dogs) upon the rebellious volk, organized by Christian, led by us heroic and saintly white Christians. And ur form of MORALISM (to us, mere heresy, Pelagianistical) is called anti-antisemitism, u mere junior Pharisaists, including evidently, the gentile auxilliaries too, eh?--Talmudic Kiddie Korps, verily.

    But as Spengler showed: it's all cyclic, and proverbial worm (historically) is turning upon u Judeo-conspirators, including gentile component-accomplices (like presently Bush II) now contemplating "wagging" of proverbial "dog."

    Internet was definitive death of holohoax--though u moralistical psychos are determined to persevere, thinking u get brownie pts.

    Aren't u sorry u messed w. mighty birdman ( who then beset upon u the curse of such as myself? Thus do I inflict upon u that objective existence, God-given and defended in New Testament (foremost conspiracy-theory), regardless of kikes, those criminals, whom u moralistic morons worship, eh? Honest elections and death to the Fed. A.

  26. Yes Roberto (u're so informative), and don't miss my entry on ur latest blog for 27 Sep "Babi Yar" balderdash. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  27. Now, I don't want to turn the HC blog into an ad-hominem hurling blog, but please, you could at least stop showing what a great intellectual you are. But seriously, can you guys believe that Mr. Mcnally is a professor? Go figure. I said it once, I'll say it again: I AM NOT A JEW! You can make up as much dumb loony theories as you want, "professor" McNally, but unless you think you can read my mind, you have no way of determining wether I am a Jew or not. But then again, a neanderthal loon racist like yourself probably thinks that he can read minds. Idiot. Now, "professor" McNally, how much would you be complaining if i called you a "dumb christian"? Exactly. You'd be whining non-stop.
    All your crap based articles are driven by that immense anti-semitism, and you are cooperating wonderfully, but of course, a third rate loon with his brain rotting like yourself can't realize the most simplest of things. Please, kike, keep on showing us how you worship the small, pathetic birdbum, keep on showing us how fast your brain is rotting in only a couple of days. (and we get to see the results for free thanks to ap(McNally) himself! What a treat, coming from a neanderthal!)

  28. Apollonian Answers "Aldo's" Challenge

    "Aldo," it's called INDUCTIVE LOGIC, by which ur practical mentality as expressed by u is premise for our conclusion (inductive, again) u must be Jew--u thus pass the proverbial "duck test," u see. Hence such inductive conclusion is now considered "Hypothesis" for which u must "rule urself out"--which u don't. Could any Jew be Jewier than thou?

    Same logic for Israeli Mossad, for another example (see Vic Thorn's "9-11 Evil" at, by which Israelis cannot rule themselves out as prime suspects in 9-11 conspiracy.

    Hence then the great struggle historically is btwn Pharisaic (Jew-Talmudic, subjectivist, conspiratorial) and rationalist, Western, Greek (Aristotelian-objective), hence then as it is understood popularly in accord with Christian New Testament (NT) CONSPIRACY THEORY.

    Thus anti-conspiracy theory is anti-Christ--Why Not Admit It, Aldo: U're absolute Anti-Christ which u try to hide by means of ur idiot moralism which u express as anti-antisemitism. For practical purposes, u're just a scummy Jew criminal, conspirator, suck-along, like any communist murderer-enforcer.

    We Christian heroes, saints, and patriots then seek liberation of our volk fm "fear of the Jews" as fm NT "Acts of the Apostles" epiphany.

    U "Aldo," on other hand, seek to maintain just this pernicious and deadly "fear of the Jews" as by means of ur subjectivist, fascist, Judaic Moralism. Holohoax is mere instrument of this contrived, moralistic mental programming (especially persecution-complex, then induction of guilt, etc.).

    COUNTERCHALLENGE: How are u NOT a Jew?--"Aldo," just explain that, pls, as u relentlessly push this false and obnoxious religion upon the volk, holohoax. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  29. “"Aldo," it's called INDUCTIVE LOGIC, by which ur practical mentality as expressed by u is premise for our conclusion (inductive, again) u must be Jew-“

    No, It’s called ASSHOLE LOGIC- Assholes use that logic to make up stupidities. Maybe some Jews acted a specific way, in the same way that a certain group of christians would act a specific way, but there is no way that ALL Jews act a certain way. Only A-S-S-H-O-L-E-S repeat that drivel.

    “Same logic for Israeli Mossad, for another example (see Vic Thorn's "9-11 Evil" at, by which Israelis cannot rule themselves out as prime suspects in 9-11 conspiracy.”

    Again, you keep on showing us your mentality. There is no proof whatsoever that the Israelis did it. Hey, I guess we can blame Jews for everything. Your car broke down? Oh, it’s a Jew’s fault. You skid your knee? It’s a Jew’s fault. The asshole creator of that article is driven by anti-semitism and unecessary hate towards Jews.

    “For practical purposes, u're just a scummy Jew criminal, conspirator, suck-along, like any communist murderer-enforcer.”

    For practical purposes, u’re a disgusting bucket of nutzi dickhead scum which no one likes.
    Hey, dumbass, where’s your proof that Jews enforce murder?

    “COUNTERCHALLENGE: How are u NOT a Jew?--"Aldo," just explain that, pls,..”

    Maybe if you would define proof that you would accept, we can start from somewhere. Explain what you would accept as proof.
    Goodbye, chingchong

  30. JFYI, none of us, HC members, is Jewish by ethnicity. Andrew has Jewish roots and is Jewish by religion. That's about all.


  31. "Aldo" Affirms Effectively Enough His Subjectivism, Hence Jewiness
    (Apollonian, 29 Sep 06)

    Thanks much "Aldo" u speak so well, effectively affirming my hypothesis u're Jew--for u are consummate subjectivist, a Jew for all practical purposes. U think like Jew so well, eh?

    Note u're given ur chance to respond, as to my "challenge," and U FAIL MISERABLY (though u succeed otherwise, I'm sure), as I remind u of already posted citations u've ignored.

    And note it is u who must prove urself, evermore placing urself (take note) as friend, ally, and collaborator of Israel, enemy of and traitor to USA, gentiles, Christians, and the white volk thereof.

    Jews are socio-biologic disease-of-opportunity afflicting gentile population, anti-humane as they're anti-gentile in accord w. Talmud. (Again, see above-cited Hoffman II,, Pls pay attention Aldo. Pretending to being retarded will not be accepted as excuse.

    Aldo, Jews are Talmudists (by definition), once again, worshippers of murder, no less than communists, communism merely a manifestation of that root Judaism (subjectivism, hubris, hystericism, narcissism, collectivism, etc., as given fm Talmud).

    Again, to put it all in nutshell, whereas we Christian patriots work to free the people, beginning w. that freedom of mind, losing that "fear of the Jews," as fm "Acts of the Apostles" in Christian New Testament (NT), u Jews (of lower-level, including gentile auxilliary cohort) WANT TO MAINTAIN SUCH "fear of the Jews."

    Holohoax then is ur heretical and false religious imposition, enforced w. all fascist brutality and mindlessness, in stead of such as 10 commandments monument ur ACLU co-conspirators removed fm Alabama St. Supreme Ct. building a few yrs ago. Outrageous holohoax "museum" in Wash. DC is actually funded by the people's tax-dollars--a real abomination and spitting-in-face of gentile people.

    Note I speak straight to holohoax issue: holohoax simply fascist religion enforced by murderers of the truth, subjectivists and sympathizers of Judeo-antiChrists, Talmudic murderers and anti-humans, the socio-biologic disease-of-opportunity as previously described. I've well given my citations.

    U, on other hand, Aldo, have NOTHING, the Nuremburg Trials proof against u as demonstrated on,, and, not to mention mighty Birdman at

    Ur only Jew strategy now is to persuade people objective reality does not exist. Jew criminals hate truth--it indicts them so dangerously. Thus Jew criminals call truth "hate," slandering such truth, seeking to kill it as they did Christ.

    Aldo, u're nothing but enemy of humanity and friend of lies (and frauds like the Federal Reserve Bank counterfeiting fraud)--how then could u be anything but Jew, once again? Tell us more, do. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  32. Poor apo forgot his medication! Aw, don't worry, I'm sure that you'll feel better when you go to that picture in your bedroom wall with hitler in his underwear and you pretend to kiss his crotch! Yes, that's definitely relief for apo here. Poor baby doesn't have any proof for his assertion that the holocaust is a fraud. from sobeakaaldo


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