Monday, September 18, 2006

Hey, Mr. Ugly Voice accepts rebuttals!

But only from a "specific academic community", which he doesn’t name. And only if their length is "20 page minimum" (lol), among other conditions.

This raises the following question: who does this fellow think he is to state that he will "accept rebuttals" only from a specific group or entity, and to state conditions that such rebuttals must meet?

The thing with rebuttals is the following, Mr. Ugly Voice: it’s completely irrelevant where they come from or whether you "accept" them or not. All that matters is the consistency of the evidence and arguments on which they are based. If you have nothing to show against such evidence and arguments, you may kick and scream as much as you like. It will only make you more ridiculous than you are already.

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  1. Bwahahaha! Well, how about this, chickenshit: we don't accept your Holocaust "rebuttals" because you're a nobody, your name is nothing, and you're surely not from any academic community? Stupid puppy.


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