Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Moon landing, shmoon landing!

So, NASA lost the original Moon landing footage.

I guess that means there was no footage in the first place. At least if we use Jonnie "I am not Hannover" Hargis' logic. All too often when confronted with quotes from incriminating documents from scholarly sources his only defence is "Where are the originals?", as if it is absolutely necessary to always consult the original pieces of paper with text, as if one can never rely on scholarly literature (which is a pretty standard practice).

Well, no, Hargis won't apply the same reasoning to the Moon landing or most other proven historical events. Try asking Jonnie for Katyn evidence (in jest), and a scanned image of a xeroxed copy will suffice. Not so for the Holocaust documents. The Holocaust is unique in this sense - for the deniers.


  1. Try asking Jonnie for Katyn evidence (in jest), and a scanned image of a xeroxed copy will suffice.

    I don't think this would be a jest in good taste. I do not like the way you are using the Katyn massacre as tool in discussions with idiots at CODOH.

  2. Take a look at the various conspiracy sites. They are pushing Moon Landing conspiracies along with Holocaust denial (and 9/11 conspiracies, and assassination conspiracies, and . . .)

    For example, Jeff Rense (at is calling Ernst Zundel a victim of a thought crime prosecution. He got started as a UFO type. Maybe that's why he feels for Zundel.

    Joseph T Major

  3. Roman, something told me you would say that. ;-)

    That's not different from what a Mad Revisionist does, though.

    We've been over this here.

  4. Joseph, yes, but not all of them are equal oportunity deniers - e.g. Rudolf is against Moon landing denial.

  5. I agree with the Mad Revisionist... the Moon itself is a hoax!

    If there really was a Moon, Kim Il Sung would have walked on it by now. The North Koreans claim he did everything else, so he should have walked on the Moon, too.

    No Moon!

  6. "No Kim..."

    Indeed! Kim Il Sung doesn't exist. It's just a rumor stemming from that "Team America" movie.

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