Sunday, August 13, 2006

Missing Hungarian Jews - a "revisionist" dilemma

Deportation of more than 400,000 Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz is firmly documented. "Revisionists" deny that most of these Jews have been killed, but, interestingly, they differ between themselves on whether these Jews were even deported to Auschwitz. Arthur Butz is a known denier of the deportation of 400,000+ Hungarian Jews. Carlo Mattogno and Juergen Graf, on the other hand, are convinced by the documentary evidence that these Jews were deported from Hungary.

Both positions have a reasonable side to them. Mattogno and Graf are not ready to dismiss numerous documents, and thus accept the deportation but not the killing. But Butz's position is eminently reasonable in a "revisionist" framework:
Graf accepts the 438,000 figure, but denies the killing. I also deny the killing of those who were deported, but I also deny the 438,000 figure or, more precisely, the idea that the May-July deportations virtually emptied Hungary of Jews, except for the Budapest area. I accept however that many Jews were deported in May-July 1944, mainly for labor. I cannot give a figure, but I believe it would have been only a fraction of 438,000. Graf cannot tell us what happened to most of the 438,000 Jews. Indeed the question that is the title of his paper remains begged.
Indeed, selection for labor purposes explains the destiny of only about 100,000+ Hungarian Jews (more or less). What happened to the rest?

One cannot envy a "revisionist" - either she accepts the documents, but then cannot explain what happened to the Jews, and thus looks like a loony. Or she dismisses the documents and thus looks like a moonbat. Tough choice!


  1. Some were sent to Mauthausen, and other work camps.

  2. Operation, or Aktion Hoess was the name of the deportation of approximately 438,000 Hungarian Jews. Are you saying that of these, 100,000 were selected out for labor? Really, we need more documentation.



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