Sunday, August 20, 2006

Another denier runs away

An interesting exchange took place at The Skeptics Society Forum. Nick challenged a rather dull and dim denier "David" (who, we suspect, is a certain David Allen of San Francisco, who is somehow related to a well-known denier Andrew Allen):
David, please list all witnesses claiming to have observed diesel engines at the Aktion Reinhard camps of Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka. Please spell out their actual position in the camp, the level of their technical education. Please also add in those witnesses claiming to have observed petrol engines at the Aktion Reinhard camps.

What is the evidentiary basis for your claim that diesels were used at all?
David's answer:
Whoa there partner, you are the Believer...I don't believe in
no diesels, no how.

So you are asking ME to tell YOU what Believers believe about diesels?

Well, it seems to be all over the range. Some claim diesels really
are deadly, some say diesels are kinda of deadly, some say
diesels are irrelevant, some say zyklon. Asphyxiation, smothering,
heat...I've heard many a differing tale.

So please excuse a poor non-Believer for being confused.

But I can tell from the direction of your question that you are
one of them new style "gasoline" Believers! Tell me if I have you
pegged right.
Some people just don't understand. Or understand too well. But Nick doesn't give up:
No, David, I'm asking you to SOURCE your claims that the gas chambers in the Aktion Reinhard camps have always been described as diesels.

That means presenting convincing evidence that all witnesses to these camps said diesels. If you - or any other 'revisionist' such as Berg - can't actually prove that all witnesses said diesels, why should we listen to you blather on?

In case you are puzzled, the evidence is independent of historians. Please try not to confuse the two. It really doesn't help matters very much, and it suggests you have been asleep in any history classes you have attended should you persist in mistaking one for the other.
As his Titanic was sinking, David let out his last breath:
As the Diesel Myth slowly splutters to an end I would like to
move on to a new Treblinka topic.


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