Thursday, July 06, 2006

Meet Joe Bellinger

An author Joseph Bellinger is hailed at the Cesspit for writing an allegedly serious research book about Himmler's death. Interestingly, Jonnie "Pinky Smooth" Hargis quotes a passage from Bellinger that doesn't show his writing skills in a favorable light:
Once upon a time there were three targets selected for assassination. There was the 'BIG H' –Hitler, the 'little H' – Himmler, and the 'littler H' – Heydrich, as dubbed by England's SOE, and then, there was the 'littlest h' – Höss.

The first three needed to be put out of the way and the 'littlest h' was reserved as a 'defence' witness for Kaltenbrunner, as well as for other purposes. Of course Kaltenbrunner – 'little K' – also was in no position to speak for 'little H’ – Himmler, which is of course exactly why he was chosen.
Ugh. Did you manage to read through this babble? Imagine a whole book written in this style.

Anyway, Bellinger did manage to publish a German version of his book, which is strange, considering that he is a vulgar Holocaust denier. He's been known on Usenet by many names, such as fafner13, debunks, jbelling, rblackmore. Quick search establishes that Bellinger clearly shows a Stormfront-like mentality, mindlessly parrotting antisemitic memes, and posting antisemitic ditties. Such is yet another "revisionist" hero. And deniers really expect to be taken seriously?


  1. No kidding, Bellinger finally finished his book. Where on earth did he find a long enough crayon?

  2. The Nazi zombie Joseph Bellinger has been evacuating his bowel disruptions here:-

    He dumps his banal and obsessive bile under an anonymous Yahoo ID as "debunks" but is best known on list, due to his disinformation tactics and kooky babble, as "Debonkers."

    A very apt title!

    Do come and inform these poor sods what you know about this Jew-hating, Nazi dreck and his depraved crayon scrawlings, all ye of sane and rational mind!


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