Monday, May 15, 2006

What's with the IQ and stuff?

White supremacists are obsessed with IQ. Why, then, most of them are mumbling imbeciles, with apparent IQs of chimps?

Here's an excellent example from the Stormfront forum. Some "Celtic_Patriot" learns of the recent news about Germany updating the list of the German Jews killed in the Holocaust. His conclusion? Holocaust is a hoax, what else!
Being a Jew, you'd like only Jews to speak for the whole World, only problem is, China and Germany don't care about the Jews anymore, the 50 years of mourning is up and it's on with regular business, after all it was only, it turns out, 150,000 Jews, not 6,000,000. Oh well, time to shut down the Hoax museums, big deal.
When it is pointed out to him that the report speaks about the German Jews only, and thus even in principle cannot "disprove" the total accepted approximate figure of the Holocaust victims, this yahoo stubbornly goes on and on, digging himself even deeper into manure of his own making.

Celtic_Patriot, apparently an high-IQ specimen

Enjoy the thread!

PS: Later the freak says:
Whites are smarter than Jews.

Update: he's still at it. Please, tell me, where are such retards born? Surely near some nuclear plant?


  1. Wouldn't it be 60 years of mourning? Oh well ...

  2. In my country, even among anti-Semites the prevailing stereotype is that Jews are more intelligent.


    Celtic Patriot continues his rant - he truely fits the revisionist scholar model

    17. Although all of your arguments will be consistently blown to smithereens, just wait a few days or weeks and then re-post them.

  4. Now I just feel dirty and my eyeballs are bleeding.

    Do you think he'd sell me his house on the 35 or 40:1 ratio he can't seem to wraphis brain cell around?

    Do I want a trailer park residence?

    Is this his relative?

  5. If this is representative of the all Stormfront members, I cannot blame those poeple who decided to shut down it.

    His appearance speaks infinite volumes about the credibility of his arguements and claims. Same goes for Mike the Reaper.


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