Monday, May 01, 2006

Sicko doubts the Holocaust, hailed by the Cesspit slime.

Certain Bob Allen, a "cyber libertarian and advocate for the basic human rights of men", who thinks that rape does not hurt women ("... when a female refuses sex with a man, she's telling him that she has no respect for him as a man. She receives what she does to others.") also doubts the Holocaust.

Not surprisingly, his idiocy is re-published at the Cesspit. Birds of a feather...

Anyway, here's my very rude ;-) response to the schmuck. It hasn't been published by him yet (the comments there are moderated):
Sir, you're a gross ignoramus, nothing else. How about learning something about the topic (the basics, at least), before showing that you're a fool?

You write:

"Indeed there were gas chambers and crematoriums, but why build so many acres of barracks holding hundreds of thousands if the function of the place is just to exterminate them?"

But you're raising a strawman here. No, extermination was not the sole function of concentration camps. Moreover, most concentration camps didn't even have that function.

The Jews - and non-Jews - were used for labor. It were mainly the Jews who were not fit for labor who were immediately sent to the gas chambers.

Such a simple fact, and you could have learned it if you have just got off your lazy ass and read a book.

Here's my diagnosis: you are a moron.
I often respond quite rudely to the denier drivel, and sometimes maybe I go over the top. But in this case that's what was needed, wouldn't you agree? ;-)

Update: Some of his posts look like satire/black humor, Landover Baptist style. I'm not completely sure if this is a real person, all points still stand, though ;-)

Update 2: Bradley Smith chimes in:
You're experience of visceral doubt with regard to the Holocaust story, without substantial research into the matter, rings a bell for me. I had the same experience many years ago. Out of the blue.


  1. So, even Bradley Smith reads his column, I wonder if Mr. Smith read the rape entry.

    I notice Mr. Smith corrects on one and only one point.


  2. It's not that he reads it, he saw a link at the Cesspit or elsewhere.


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