Friday, May 05, 2006

The first dirty foot in a rotten mouth

I said:
Let's see how the deniers react, though. Will they say that it makes up for "revisionists'" arrests?
Well, the first response is in.

A German neo-Nazi writes:
If he was arrested only because of his opinion or his scientific results - well then...

... this would be a hate crime against my nation and the German people. It is absolutely ok that hoaxters are arrested and sentenced because of hate speech.

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  1. The whole site is a sham...Strip away the cut-and-paste crap posts of Hargis repeated endlessly and ad absurdum and this spew is what's left. Bradley Smith supports Hargis. Fine. So he's nothing more than garden-variety Jew-hater as well.

    Bunch of ignorant punks.


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