Monday, May 01, 2006


No, that's not a cry of frustration. That's "L'Association des Anciens Amateurs de Récits de Guerres et d'Holocaustes", a Francophone denial org. They have mentioned our blog in their latest newsletter. They have quoted Nick's posting on Arolsen archives controversy (Nick may comment later, if he will feel like it), and also presented us as "second-generation anti-revisionists". I feel that the term "anti-revisionists" is a misnomer - we're are not against revisionism. We're all for it. It's just we don't think that Holocaust denial is a revisionism. At best, we're anti-"revisionists" (yes, with quotes).

Newsletter's editor also shows the usual "revisionist" sloppiness, by writing:
Ce site présente les liens suivants avec d'autres anti-révisionnistes:
- and citing the links we have on our sidebar. I guess (s)he did not notice that we link to CODOH forum and VHO, and to several sites which do not deal with "revisionism" at all.

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